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Podcast: ‘Hangout in the Holy Land’ breaks down OSU, previews Illinois

The Holy Land boys are back after a brief hiatus.

NCAA Football: Illinois at Nebraska Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Hangout in the Holy Land is back to give you their breakdown of all things Buckeyes. The hosts are new, the football season is new, but the sarcasm hasn’t changed a bit. Join George Eisner and myself all year long as we break down Ohio State’s opponents and recap the Buckeyes’ performance each weekend.

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Life is pretty hectic right now for everyone, and that is no different for the Holy Land boys. After a family emergency this past weekend, we missed our usual Sunday recap episode. We now return to our usually scheduled programming, and we make up for the missed time with one of our personal favorite episodes yet.

This week’s Hangout in the Holy Land addresses it all. We break down everything we saw in last Saturday’s game against Indiana, from the positives in the running game to the breakdowns in the pass defense. George and I try to talk Ohio State fans off the ledge after a closer-than-expected game against the Hoosiers, discussing how the Buckeyes can turn some of their issues around and why we don't think the sky is falling just yet. We then end with a preview of the Illinois game.

We will be back on Sunday (for real this time) following the game. We hope you will tweet us @HolyLandPod with your postgame questions and hot takes, and we will try to read as many of them as possible on the show. Unfortunately with everything being thrown off this last time, we didn’t get around to reading your tweets on air, but know that we read them and a lot of you guys’ concerns were addressed in our conversation.

Looking forward to hearing feedback from you guys. As always, if you like what we’re doing, be sure to subscribe and drop a review on Apple Podcasts. We’ll see ya after the game!

(Full disclosure: this episode was recorded on Tuesday night, and so we were unaware of any potential personnel changes as a result of COVID-19 protocols.)

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