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We’re having a Black Friday sale on our most iconic Ohio State t-shirts

There’s no better gifts for the sarcastic Ohio State fan who hates TTUN!

I know this year isn’t like normal years, but today is still Black Friday, so we’ve got savings on some of our best selling Ohio State t-shirts of all-time. Through Cyber Monday, you can save on three shirts: one new shirt trolling TTUN, one shirt celebrating our favorite head coach, and one classic shirt trolling TTUN!

And what’s better than shopping at home on your couch while watching football? Shopping at home on your couch while watching football AND saving money. If you use code BIG15 at checkout, you will save 15% on everything site wide (excluding masks). There’s no minimum, but if you spend $70, you will get free shipping!

Get your classic LGHL t-shirts today! Save with code BIG15!

Hang 100 on ‘Em | $28

Celebrating Ryan Day’s declaration that the Buckeyes would be looking to hang 100 on Jim Harbaugh’s Weasels this season, this “Script Ohio”-inspired shirt is the perfect thing to wear for The Game this season. So hurry and order now to get it before Dec. 12.

New Day in Columbus | $10

He’s only been Ohio State’s full-time head coach for one season plus four games, but we already know that Ryan Day is special. Commemorate the dawning of the Ryan Day era with this snazzy shirt. I mean, it’s already just $10 AND you still get a 15% discount. You’re really living wrong if you don’t get this shirt.

Actually, the Spot Was Good | $28

Here she is, boys. Here she is, world. The shirt that launched a thousand tweets. This one is a classic, and frankly, my dear, there is no better love language that shit-talking Michigan. So, if there’s a Buckeye fan in your life and you need them to know how much they mean to you, this is the only gift that matters. Don’t mess this up, fam.