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Stick to Sports podcast: Big Dabo Swinney guys!

Don’t click on this, Dabo fans!

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Holiday Season Begins Across New York City Area Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

Land-Grant Holy Land’s newest podcast series, Stick to Sports, will be unlike any podcast you’ve heard on the Ohio State beat. Your hosts, Tia Johnston and Matt Tamanini, will (of course) talk Ohio State football, but the primary focus of the show will be on what’s going on around the periphery, such as weird/funny happenings in college football and the sports world at large, as well as other things that keep us interested in between games, whether that’s pop culture, social media trends— you name it.

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Merry Christmas, Eve! If you are a Clemson fan and don’t want to be filled with rage before your family dinner, I highly recommend you not listen to this podcast. Buckeye fans, I highly recommend playing this podcast during your family dinner.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Our very much unfiltered opinions of Dabo Swinney. Sure, the man is a great football coach...but the compliments stop there.
  • Why we think Swinney is so against a 6-0 Ohio State team being in the playoffs. He can’t possibly be afraid, can he? Because playing six games is more of a disadvantage than anything else, in our humble opinions.
  • Can this Ohio State team finally beat Clemson? Who knows! We’re not entirely sure what this team is yet (Re: 6 games).
  • Our favorite Christmas movies, both old and new, and why we love them. (Some hot takes here)
  • And finally, our What to Watch reccomendations, which results in like a full two minutes of gushing over Voila Davis

Tia’s Recommendation: Any John Mulaney stand up on Netflix

Matt’s Recommendation: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Contact Tia Johnston

Twitter: @TiaJohnston_

Contact Matt Tamanini

Twitter: @BWWMatt, @LandGrant33

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