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Podcast: ‘Hangout in the Holy Land’ previews the Michigan State game

The Buckeyes look to return to action this weekend against Sparty.

Indiana v Michigan State Photo by Nic Antaya/Getty Images

Hangout in the Holy Land is back to give you their breakdown of all things Buckeyes. The hosts are new, the football season is new, but the sarcasm hasn’t changed a bit. Join George Eisner and myself all year long as we break down Ohio State’s opponents and recap the Buckeyes’ performance each weekend.

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After a one-week absence as a result of a small COVID-19 outbreak, the Buckeyes will look to return this Saturday to take on Michigan State. Ohio State needs to play both of its remaining games on the schedule in order to meet the six-game minimum required by the Big Ten to play in the conference title game.

With Ryan Day still outside the 10-day window necessary to return from his own personal bout with the virus, defensive line coach Larry Johnson will look to lead Ohio State to victory. The College Football Playoff Committee once again has the Buckeyes at the No. 4 spot, but their position is teetering as their games played on the year continues to dwindle. On today’s episode, George and I discuss this Spartan team coming off a big upset over Northwestern a week ago, and what Ohio State must do as they look to improve their resumé.

We will be back on Sunday following the game. We hope you will tweet us @HolyLandPod with your postgame questions and hot takes, and we will try to read as many of them as possible on the show.

Looking forward to hearing feedback from you guys. As always, if you like what we’re doing, be sure to subscribe and drop a review on Apple Podcasts. We’ll see ya after the game!

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