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Podcast: Colton Denning returns to put Ohio State’s unusual season into perspective

The man who used to run these podcasting airwaves is BACK!

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan State Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

On Land-Grant Holy Land In Conversation, we talk to people in and around Ohio State athletics, and the sporting world at large, to bring you a different insight and perspective to the teams, athletes, and university that you love.

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On today’s episode, we welcome back the man who used to run these very podcasting airwaves, the former voice behind “Hangout in the Holy Land,” Colton Denning. We talk all about Ohio State’s unusual season and whether or not all of the starts and stops have changed how we view college football and whatever accomplishments that the Buckeyes might get out of the season.

We also talk about the strengths and weaknesses of this particular Ohio State team, and even though this episode was recorded before The Game was canceled, we went light on the Michigan talk because a) they’re terrible and b) we knew that there was a chance that they wouldn’t play.

However, we did get into what Ohio State’s chances in the playoff might be against Alabama, Notre Dame, Clemson and more.

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