2020-2021 men's basketball team

Michael Hall and Big Thanos (who wouldn't want two more athletic big men who can get up as per their posts) join the BB team next year after they win the Natty and maybe they would be able to rebound better than MSU all year in the B10N. Your line up for 20-21 season: C-Big Thanos-Ibrahima Diallo -- PF-EJ Liddel-Michael Hall-Justice Sueing-Zed Key -- SF-Kyle Young-Justin Ahrens-Musa Jallow-Alonzo Gaffney -- SG-D. Washington Eugene Brown III -- PG- CJ Walker and DJ Carton -- Defensive G-Luther Muhammad. It would all be totally legal since the FB players are on FB scholarships. I would pay to see that team play!!!!!

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