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Outside the Shoe podcast; The winningest programs for every Big Ten school

Because what else are we going to talk about?

NCAA Division I Men’s Wrestling Championship Photo by Jay LaPrete/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

On LGHL’s Outside the Shoe podcast, we talk all things Ohio State athletics that happen outside the confines of the Horseshoe.

On the show today, with no Ohio State sports currently in action, Meredith goes through the winningest sports programs for each Big Ten school. Some of these programs, like Dan Gable’s wrestling dynasty at Iowa, are obvious, while others, like Penn State’s most successful team, are much, much less so. Unfortunately, the discussion also lands Ohio State on the wrong side of its rivalry with Michigan. Good thing the Buckeyes owned the football field and the hardcourt this year.

Also something of a downer, just three of these 14 winningest programs happened to be women’s sports, including Minnesota ice hockey and Northwestern and Maryland lacrosse — even though teams like Minnesota have been truly dominant, winning almost a third of the NCAA Women’s Ice Hockey Championships ever played,

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