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20 unique items every Buckeye fan needs

We’ve rounded up some of the best Ohio State home goods, tailgate supplies, clothes and accessories that the internet has to offer.

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College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Clemson v Ohio State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

There’re two types of people in this world. The first are those who—upon being told that it is illegal to leave their homes due to a global pandemic—decide they will use this time to better themselves. They might partake in activities that include: reading self-help books, learning a new skill (I’ve been seeing a lot of each their own, ya know?), cleaning their cleaning supplies closet, doing yoga, etc etc... you get the point.

The other type are those who, well, let’s just say...aren’t practicing their downward dogs. Instead, they fill their quarantined days with TikTok dances, snacks, online shopping, playing Animal Crossing on the new Nintendo Switch they just bought online, more snacks, and slowly spiraling into insanity due to lack of human interaction and sports to entertain them...right after a snack.

If you find yourself relating more so to the first group, leave. You don’t need our help. Go read The Power of Now or whatever it is you people like to feed your brain with.

This list is for group number two. We not only encourage your online shopping frenzy, we’re here to help you do it! It is officially time to start preparing for the Ohio State football season (it won’t get cancelled if you just speak it into existence, right?) Whether that be getting your game room ready for watch parties, refreshing your game day wardrobe, sprucing up your office with scarlet and gray, stepping your tailgate game up— now is the time to do it. And to help you with your new “project” (everything sounds way more important if you call it a project), we’ve compiled a list of some of the best, most unique Buckeye swag, merch, furniture, etc. that the internet has to offer. If we weren’t certain it’d be a wow factor at whatever watch party, tailgate, office, backyard, living room or seat in the ‘Shoe you’re in, it’s not on this list.

Only 157 days and counting until kickoff! (We’re optimists here at LGHL, okay?) Let’s shop!

Ohio Stadium Minimalist Art

This is for those of you who would like some Ohio State decor in the living room, but scarlet and gray doesn’t exactly go with your curtains. This poster is abstract, “minimalist” (apparently), and—unlike that poster of Zach Boren towering over the Michigan player— isn’t hanging in everyone else’s basement. (No offense, Zach.)

Ohio State Game Used Jersey Wallet

Picture this: you’re at a coffee shop for a job interview (in Ohio... otherwise this probably won’t work) and you whip out your wallet to pay (you’re obviously paying... do you want the job or not?) and your interviewer sees the flash of an Ohio State jersey. “Is that an Ohio State football jersey in your wallet?” he asks. “Sure is,” you reply. “Archie Griffin had it made up for me after telling me I had spectacular work ethic and people skills.” (yes this is a lie but, again, do you want the job or not?)

Ohio State OtterBox + PopSocket iPhone Case

We all know that OtterBox phone cases are the most elite brand of phone cases, but add an integrated PopSocket?! Take my money.

Ohio State Stadium View End Table

I mean, talk about stepping up your game room. It’s a little pricey, but it lights up so....

Ohio State Ball Target Practice Game

We’ve featured some fun activities to do/play while quarantined on this list, including this target practice game. We highly recommend this to those of you who tweet “How do you not make that throw?!” at Justin Fields every Saturday.

Ohio State Creature Backpack Clip

Okay, you might not need this but also... look at it! It’s an Ohio State basketball crab(?) which makes absolutely zero sense but hey, it’s $3 and your kid (or dog) might find it as cool as we do.

Portable Picnic Table

The hosts of the tailgate you’re attending on Saturday just texted the group chat “BYOC” aka “Bring Your Own Chairs.” Everyone else—tailgate rookies, if you will—will be lugging in awkward foldout beach chairs, covered in sand from their OBX vacation last July. But you, a tailgate MACHINE, walk in with this bad boy. A flipping picnic-table-in-the-box. Eating on your lap is for suckers.

Or, just keep it in the trunk of your car in case of emergencies—ya never know when the need for a picnic table will strike.

Ventura Seat Portable Recliner Chair

*Insert same scenario from above here* because having nice, straight posture during game day is for suckers.

Brutus Puzzle

Schottenstein Center Puzzle

Not your mother’s puzzle—these would undoubtedly help pass the time while you and the family are stuck in the house all day. The finished product would even make a great piece of decor...just not in the living room (the curtains, remember!?)

Brutus Socks

These look like they’d be good lucky socks. We need someone to test out this theory and report back.

614 T-shirt

Hand Illustrated Ohio Collage Print

Ohio Stadium Entrance Bookend

Devoted Ohio T-shirt

The above four items are just a small sample of the unique things you can find when you shop local to Ohio. No one knows what Ohio State fans want like real-life Ohioans!

Ohio State Robe

We thought this robe would make an excellent addition to your new work uniform of sweatpants, sweatshirts and fuzzy socks.

Ohio State Hawaiian Shirt

And we thought this Hawaiian shirt would make an excellent addition to your game day wardrobe. Or wear it to the vacation you have planned for July (did I mention we’re optimists?)

Ohio State 3D Night Light

Initially, this night light was included with your kids in mind. But, honestly, we want one for ourselves. Wouldn’t it make a nice addition to your end table? And you can change the colors to “exciting hues such as rose, green, mint, sky, lavender, pearl and cerulean.” One of those definitely has to match the curtains.

Ohio State Stem Caps

This if for those of you who don’t want to be The Buckeye Mobile Guy, but also want to pay homage to your team in a subtle way. You probably already have an “Ohio State Alumni” frame on your license plate, but your car needs a little bit more. Enter: Ohio State stem caps. Don’t go too crazy though—maybe just one stem cap per tire.

Ohio State Vintage Coasters

Each coaster features a cover from a vintage Ohio State program. If you really wanna flex on everyone else, you can bring these to the tailgate to use on your portable picnic table. Boom.