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Get your “Actually, The Spot Was Good” T-shirt today!

In need of a new t-shirt to wear to your living room for ESPN’s re-airing of “The Spot” game on Thursday? We gotchu.

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The 2016 double overtime win against TTUN will go down in history as one of the best victories in Ohio State history. Many of us lost years off our lives watching that game unfold, and lucky for us, we get to relive each one of those anxiety-provoking 60 minutes this Thursday on ESPN’s re-airing of the game at 8 p.m. EST.

Depending on who you ask (l wouldn’t ask a Michigan fan, for example) the glorious watershed moment for Ohio State was the infamous ‘“Spot.” J.T. Barrett’s Spot to be exact. It was good. So good in fact, our friends at Breaking T put it on a t-shirt. And you know what they say— a t-shirt never lies. (No one says that).

In need of a quick refresher? Michigan was up by a field goal in overtime, the Wolverines had almost stacked up Barrett on a fourth down, that is until the officials exclaimed “the spot is, and will forevermore, be good!” or something like that.

Curtis Samuel scored the winning touchdown shortly after, Chris Fowler exclaimed “Ohio State wins!”, and the Buckeyes made it out on the right side of history. The right side of the first down line, if you will.

So, get your BreakingT shirt today to remind everyone in your path that the spot was good, actually.