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Vote: 2019 Ohio State football in contention for SBN FanPulse’s ‘Best Team to Not Win Title’

I would also include the 2015 team as an option as well, tbh.

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COLLEGE FOOTBALL: DEC 07 Big Ten Championship Game

Ok, fam. The world is a crazy place. It can feel like we don’t have control over anything in our lives; like our voices don’t matter anymore. Well, I am here to tell you, friend, that you matter to us at SB Nation and Land-Grant Holy Land.

In fact, your opinion matters so much, that we want you to vote in this very important SBN FanPulse survey. While I would also have included the 2015 Ohio State team, clearly the only possible answer is the 2019 Ohio State Buckeyes. They dominated every single one of their opponents, put up historic SP+ numbers all season, and only fell victim to one of the wonkiest games in the history of the College Football Playoff.

So, Buckeye Nation, I hereby call upon you to do your civic duty, exercise your god-given right to express your opinion, and do something productive today in between eating chips and playing Call of Duty, and vote for the 2019 Buckeyes as the best college football team in the past 20 years not to win a national title!

Prove that you still know how to be “productive,” and SIGN UP HERE to vote in the SB Nation FanPulse survey.

(this is just a picture of the ballot, you can’t actually vote here, you have to do that via the link that says “SIGN UP HERE” above.)