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Outside the Shoe podcast: Talk to me about the (other) draft

The WNBA Draft was last night, and the NFL Draft is coming up next week. So what about the others?

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-NFL Experience Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On LGHL’s Outside the Shoe podcast, we talk all things Ohio State athletics that happen outside the confines of the Horseshoe.

The WNBA held its draft last night (sans any actual people), and with the NFL Draft coming up next week, Meredith talks through the different draft formats that allow college athletes to get to the pros in their respective sports. Of course, given different sports seasons, cultures, league sizes and regulations, what those drafts look like in practice turn out to be very different from one another.

Plus, this year, the draft process looks very different for many sports as leagues work to manage the effects of COVID-19. Perhaps the draft most severely altered as a result is Major League Baseball’s draft - which is moving from 40 rounds to as few as five.

So what else is happening with these drafts this summer? Check out the podcast below to find out, and make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts: