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Buckeye Bits: Chase Young’s draft plans, Big Ten’s new disease task force, more

All the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond.

NFL Combine - Day 3 Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Welcome back to Buckeye Bits! We missed you over the weekend. Or is it still the weekend?What time is it? What is even happening? We have no idea. All we know is, there was a lot of news, a “BOOM!” and a failed eye emoji around the Ohio State beat today, and we’ve rounded it all up for you. So, sit down (you’re probably already sitting), put on some comfy clothes (you’re probably already wearing those), grab a beer (you probably grabbed one awhile ago) and settle in. Here’s everything you may have missed/need to know from today’s news.

From around Land-Grant Holy Land...

BOOOOM! Four-star athlete Jantzen Dunn commits to Ohio State

Gene Ross, LGHL

Another day, another major commitment for the Ohio State football team. It had been a few days so they were definitely due. Gene gives a rundown of the events that ensued in the days leading up to his commitment, which were...pretty interesting to say the least.

What your NFL team will be getting if they draft Jordan Fuller

Meredith Hein, LGHL

The 2020 NFL draft is upon us and the player scouting reports are flowing. Meredith unpacks what NFL teams can expect from former Ohio State safety Jordan Fuller.

Column: How to enjoy the virtual NFL Draft

Meredith Hein, LGHL

Speaking of Meredith, you must (must I tell you!) check out her weekly column where she writes about quarantine activities, how-to’s, sports movies, and most recently— why the virtual NFL draft won’t be all that bad. I mean, let’s face it. It’s sports on TV, and there’s a solid chance Roger Goodell might mess up his audio or something.

24 Club: Perry Hale, a winning coach that suffered OSU’s worst ever loss

Jim Baird, LGHL

In our new series “24 Club,” Jim helps you get to know the coaches from Ohio State football past and present. Next up: Perry Hale. He’s responsible for Ohio State’s worst-ever loss, which came at the hands of Michigan, who he never once beat. Otherwise, he was a pretty dang good coach!

From around the gridiron...

With the aforementioned latest commitment for Ohio State, here’s how the Buckeyes’ 2021 recruiting class is currently looking. We still have a long way to go, but it’s certainly going to be tough for other programs to catch up.

Six recruits who could be next to commit to Ohio State

Bill Kurelic, Bucknuts

Speaking of having a long way to go in terms of the 2021 class, according to Bill, the Buckeyes are expected to sign at least 23 class of 2021 recruits and possibly as many as 25. Currently, they have 17. Bill lists the other possible prospects that could be the next big BOOMs for Ohio State.

Robert Landers’ journey to the NFL: Former Ohio State defensive tackle readies for draft week and answers reader questions

Dan Hope, Eleven Warriors

Former Ohio State defensive tackle Robert Landers likely won’t be one of the first Buckeyes selected in the 2020 NFL draft, but odds are he will find himself on a team by Saturday night whether it be via the draft or as a free agent.

Landers has been documenting his “journey to the NFL” with Eleven Warriors, and in his final pre-draft update, he explains what the last few weeks leading up to the draft have been like (i.e. dealing with the unusual changes and cancellations of events due to the coronavirus), and how he plans to watch the draft. He then answers questions submitted by Eleven Warriors readers about his OSU career, his future, and more.

Birm from Lettermen Row sat down with Urban Meyer on his latest edition of Birminology on Lettermen Row to discuss everything from his new routine, his decision to hire Ryan Day, the changes he made when he first arrived at Ohio State, his biggest recruiting wins and losses, and more.

Former Ohio State legend and likely No. 2 overall draft pick Chase Young will be watching the 2020 NFL draft from home like the rest of us common people. And home for Young is Maryland, where gatherings of 10 or more people are banned.

Young told CBS Sports’ Will Brinson that while he’ll be abiding by the 10-people rule inside the house, he plans to get pretty creative outside. He plans to project the draft on the outside of his house so his other family members and friends can drive by and see it. Then, when he gets drafted, he can run outside and celebrate (from afar) with them.

Hopefully his family members get there on time, because he’ll only be inside for about fifteen minutes.

From the hardwood...

11W Offseason Hoops Mailbag: Who leads Ohio State in scoring, best Big Ten arena, How Buckeyes replace Kaleb Wesson

Colin Hass-Hill, Eleven Warriors

The Eleven Warriors answered readers’ basketball questions regarding who the next big man will be in the 2021 class, Ibrahima Diallo’s potential, the future schedules, and more. Definitely a good read if you’re in need of an Ohio State basketball fix.

Ohio State living with ‘what ifs’ with no 2020 NCAA Tournament

Patrick Murphy, Bucknuts

Ohio State’s greatest ‘what ifs’, ranked:

  1. What if the refs never called it an incomplete catch in the 2019 Fiesta Bowl?
  2. What if they fed Zeke in 2015 Michigan State?
  3. What if the 2020 NCAA tournament went ahead?
  4. What if the spot was not good?
  5. What if Michigan was coached by literally anyone else?

From everywhere else...

The Big Ten formed a “Task Force for Emerging Infectious Diseases” to address COVID-19 concerns, and to “provide counsel and sound medical advice to ensure the health, safety and wellness of the Big Ten’s students, coaches, administrators and fans,” according to the conference’s press release.

Members of the Task Force include representatives from all 14 conference schools, and they will be tasked with making important decisions based on “information received from local, state and federal health departments, along with the NCAA.”

No, there are still no answers to whether or not there will be a college football season this fall.

Kids in grades K-12 will not be returning to school this spring. There is still no decision about whether or not they will return in the fall. I’m not a parent, so I can’t imagine what some of you are going through. But all I can think when I see news like this is, I went to school in the wrong decade.

This is important #content.