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Buckeye Bits: NCAA supports a rule change to allow student-athletes to get paid, Tom Brady shows support for the Bucks, more

All the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond.

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Good evening, friends. Here’s your Ohio State news of the day, but first:

It was only a matter of time before he switched sides, right? Anyway, let’s jump into the all the bits and pieces from around the Ohio State beat. The Buckeye bits, if you will.

From around Land-Grant Holy Land...

Ohio State 2020 NFL Draft tracker

Gene Ross & Tia Johnston, LGHL

A lot of Buckeyes were picked up by NFL teams over the weekend. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to remember where they all went. Check out our draft tracker for live updates and blurbs on each NFL-bound Buckeye.

What Dobbins, Hamilton, Jackson, Harrison bring to their respective NFL teams

Tia Johnston, LGHL

Speaking of those aforementioned NFL-bound Buckeyes, I wrote about how the second- and third-rounders will likely be utilized by their respective teams.

Ohio State mixing it up with 2022 four-star RB

Gene Ross, LGHL

Check out the next episode of Ohio State’s Recruiting Adventures, which involves the No. 14 RB and and No. 110 player overall in the 2022 cycle, along with updates on some of the top 2021 recruits and where they currently stand.

SB Nation Jersey Week: Ohio State’s best fits

Gene Ross, LGHL

It’s Jersey Week over at the mothership ( so we’re celebrating by naming the single greatest alternate uniform worn by the Ohio State football team. Any guesses? Be sure to let Gene know in the comments if you agree or if your an anti-alternate-jersey guy.

From around the gridiron...

New NCAA football game unlikely as NCAA working group deems group licenses “unworkable in college athletics”

Kevin Harrish, Eleven Warriors

The NCAA Board of Governors’ supported a rule change to allow student-athletes to get paid for their name, image and likeness—more on that later.

However, despite rumblings of the NCAA football video game making a comeback, the group specifically said that group licenses for video games are “unworkable in college sports because of the absence of a recognized bargaining agent to manage the terms of group NIL use on behalf of the student-athletes.”

If you’re like me and have absolutely no clue what a recognized bargaining agent is, you’re probably thinking “why can’t you just...go get a recognized bargaining agent?”

To which the NCAA would respond: “There are legal hurdles to such activity that preclude it as a realistic option for implementation at this time.”

Translation: The process is much more complex than just “going and getting a recognized bargaining agent.”

Still, the NCAA did say that “further exploration of these concepts will require clarity from Congress..” So, fear not. Your NCAA CFB video game dreams hopes aren’t dead...yet.

Real Life Wednesdays brought to you by Nick Bosa, Corey Linsley, Ryan Shazier, and Chase Young.

All of which probably know a thing or two about having what it takes to make it in the league. I don’t know though.

Projecting Buckeyes who could declare early for 2021 NFL Draft

Austin Ward, Lettermen Row

We’ve all seen the way-too-early 2021 NFL Mock Drafts floating around. Justin Fields is projected to go second or third overall, followed by Shaun Wade going thirteenth or so, and Wyatt Davis close behind. However, what about the not-so-obvious players who could declare early at the end of next season?

Ward predicts a number of players, from the you’d-be-stupid-not-to-declare-Buckeyes to the “Buckeyes who could explode and surprise.”

Talented young receivers still finding ways to develop for Buckeyes

Spencer Holbrook, Lettermen Row

Also from Lettermen Row, Holbrook takes a look at the early-enrollee wide receiver group, Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Julian Fleming, Gee Scott and Mookie Cooper, and how they’re battling for playing time from home.

While WR coach Brian Hartline is still unsure as to how well each receiver can play in a collegiate atmosphere, the three spring practices they did have seemed to give him more insight into the group’s abilities than you’d think.

The New No. 0 jersey is up for grabs, who’s going to snag it?

Kevin Harrish, Eleven Warriors

ICYMI, the NCAA passed a rule change allowing the No. 0 to be a jersey number.

I’m not sure who’s going to snag it, but if it ends up being Sevyn Banks I will riot the streets.

From around the hardwood...

Ohio State basketball’s Kaleb Wesson, C.J. Walker and Alonzo Gaffney among early entrants for NBA Draft 2020

Stephen Means,

The NBA released its list of early entry candidates for the 2020 NBA Draft, and the list includes Gaffney, Walker and Wesson. And before you freak out, Walker is still expected to return for his fifth-year senior season as the Buckeyes’ starting point guard.


From everywhere else...

A cliff notes explainer on the NCAA’s landmark announcement

Chris Hummer, Bucknuts

The NCAA Board of Governors’ supported a rule change to allow student-athletes to get paid for their name, image and likeness via a number of ways, including sponsorships, apparel and social media.

Took long enough.

However, there are about one bajillion disclaimers to the rule change and another bajillion questions left unanswered, so Hummer explained it in a cliff notes style, sans all the legal gibberish.

All I know is, Ohio State’s football recruiting staff is already on it.

Roger Goodell is slowly but surely becoming an...okay guy?

The salary he speaks of is in the $40 million ballpark, and will presumably ensure NFL employees keep their jobs, or avoid furloughs and pay cuts.

The Patriots are going to purposefully blow this season to get Trevor Lawrence at No. 1 overall. You heard it here first.