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Outside the Shoe podcast: What’ll be the next NCAA sport?

Rugby? Triathlon? Equestrian? Who knows?

HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series - Dubai: Day Three Photo by Christopher Pike/Getty Images

On LGHL’s Outside the Shoe podcast, we talk all things Ohio State athletics that happen outside the confines of the Horseshoe.

On today’s show, Meredith attempts to answer the question of what the next NCAA sanctioned sport will be. She also explores the Committee on Women’s Athletics, which focuses on identifying emerging sports for women. This committee played a key role in adding women’s rowing to the list of NCAA-sanctioned sports — a sport in which Ohio State’s program has three titles. The group also influenced the addition of women’s ice hockey to the NCAA ranks, with the Buckeyes benefiting once again, having earned a conference championship this season.

The main players on the current list of emerging sports for women include rugby, equestrian and triathlon. However, there are other sports, like women’s wrestling, that are also up for consideration.

So what’s next for the NCAA? Check out the podcast below to find out, and make sure to subscribe wherever you get your podcasts: