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What is your favorite Ohio State touchdown vs. TTUN since 2012?

Except for Curtis Samuel’s. We know that’s everybody’s favorite.

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

The entire country — nay planet — is essentially on lockdown, and people are scared, nervous, frustrated, and going stir-crazy. Everyone is trying to find ways to sooth their frayed nerves and escape their individual realities via temporary distractions that bring moments of light and joy into their otherwise depressingly desolate current existences.

Well, friends, not all heroes wear capes (or maybe this one does, I don’t know him), because a YouTube user named Jowen has uploaded a compilation of all of the Ohio State Buckeyes’ touchdowns against the Michigan Wolverines dating back to 2012.

This eight-season string of Michigan Man-demoralizing victories for the Scarlet and Gray is perhaps one of the few things that can currently provide a much needed respite for the fractured minds, bodies, and souls of all of us in Buckeye Nation.

So, enjoy these 11 minutes of pure, unadulterated, rival-humiliating TDs, and then in the comments below or on social media, let us know what your favorite scoring play from the bunch is.

We will compile the best responses for a roundup next week. But, be forewarned that Curtis Samuel’s 2016, double-overtime, game-winning run is not eligible for selection, because that would literally be the only answer that anyone would submit, and we are planning on diving deep into that play and that entire game later in the week!

So, Buckeye fans, what’s your favorite Ohio State vs. TTUN touchdown from this current eight-year beatdown?