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Buckeye Bits: Trey Sermon in top 20 of new transfer ratings, new additions to Carmen’s Crew roster, more

All the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond

Kentucky v Ohio State Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Good evening, friends. If you’re reading this, I am going to assume that you are a fan of sports and therefore looking for the latest sports news. In which case, you probably agree with me and Ben Koo, here, that this editorial by the Washington Post majorly sucks.

I have not read the article. I refuse to give them my page view. So, maybe that’s not exactly what the author meant and this is just a poorly worded tweet, but anything that literally says “we need less sports” is bound to be shunned by the entire Twitter sports landscape.

So anyway, that reminds me, you know what I think you need more of in your life? Ohio State sports. Check out all the latest from around the Buckeye beat.

From Land-Grant Holy Land...

What if Urban Meyer never took his foot off the gas in the 2017 B1G title game?

Gene Ross, LGHL

It’s “What if?” week at SB Nation, meaning it’s going to be kind of depressing around LGHL for the next several days. Some topics we’ve already brought up in our group chat include:

  • What if Tattoo-Gate never happened?
  • What if Ted Ginn Jr. never got injured in the 2007 national championship game?
  • What if there were competent refs in last year’s playoff game against Clemson?

See what I mean? It’s not fun to think about. But, we’re going to think about it anyway, starting with: What if Urban Meyer ran up the score in the 2017 Big Ten championship game against Wisconsin? Hint: Urban Meyer would likely have four national championship rings in his trophy case right now.

Drew Rucinski’s journey from Ohio State to South Korea

Brett Ludwiczak, LGHL

The Korean Baseball Organization—you’ve probably seen it all over Twitter or ESPN by now. One of the only live sports happening at the moment and—wouldn’t ya know it— a former Buckeye is one of the league’s star pitchers. Brett introduces you to Drew Rucinski and explains how he ended up in South Korea.

After recent offer, 2022 defensive tackle hopes to visit Ohio State soon

Charles Doss, LGHL

Ohio State has extended scholarship offers to many elite 2022 prospects, including a four-star defensive tackle out of Indiana. The offer was extended by Ryan Day himself, and Charles caught up with the three-star to find out what that meant to him and what he’s looking for in a college football program.

Which Marvel hero or villain is each Big Ten basketball coach most like?

Connor Lemons, LGHL

Apparently there are more Marvel heroes than just Spider-Man and Captain America. Who knew? The answer is everyone. Everyone knew. Keeping up with last week’s SB Nation theme, “Marvel Cinematic Universe”, Connor compared each Big Ten basketball coach to a Marvel hero or villain. In other news, I think I’ll spend my quarantined days expanding my Marvel palate.

From around the gridiron...

247Sports transfer ratings released, OSU’s Trey Sermon in Top 20

Bill Kurelic, Bucknuts

247Sports released their 2021 transfer ratings on Tuesday, and Ohio State running back Trey Sermon earned a grade of 89 and is ranked No. 19 among all transfers (167 total).

Trey Sermon transferred to Ohio State from Oklahoma, which was major deal for the Buckeyes, especially after projected RB1 Master Teague sustained an injury during a spring practice. Not only that, but sophomore running back Marcus Crowley is also coming off an injury and the return-dates for both running backs is still unknown.

In three seasons with the Sooners, Sermon rushed for over 2,076 yards on 339 carries, averaging 6.1 yards a carry with 22 rushing touchdowns. However, the addition of two other running backs at Oklahoma was likely going to lead to some type of three-back rotation this upcoming season, as Kurelic notes, and Sermon wasn’t about it.

Now, he’ll battle for the coveted running back position in Columbus, in which the competition was brought up a notch when the country’s No. 1 running back TreVeyon Henderson and the country’s No. 5 running back Evan Pryor both committed to Ohio State for the 2021 season.

Briggs: DeWine tells Blade that college football season is likely, but uncertainty reigns

David Briggs, The Blade

Well, the man in charge of our great state has renewed his Ohio State football tickets for the upcoming season, which, at first glance, might have you doing cartwheels in your living room wearing your Troy Smith jersey, singing Carmen Ohio and throwing Buckeyes at your spouse like confetti. No? Only me?

At second glance, however, you will discover that this is more just DeWine offering a glimmer of hope and optimism to his state that treats football like a religion. He told The Blade that, while he’s sure the football powers that be “could figure out how to do a season,” its still way too early to make a decision on whether or not fans can be in attendance.

My unsolicited opinion? I don’t care if they play the game on a deserted island on the other side of the country (I hear New Zealand has minimum cases). Just do whatever it takes to put Justin Fields and Chris Olave destroying opposing defenses on my dang television.

Justin Fields and Jack Miller put in offseason quarterback work with private trainers amidst Covid-19 pandemic

Kevin Harrish, Eleven Warriors

Did you really think the projected 2021 No. 1 pick and his potential successor were just spending their quarantine life like the rest of us? Hangin’ out, showing their face on their Zoom meetings, maybe throwing a football at one of those target nets in their backyard?

Fortunately, no. No they are not.

Fields has been working out with Atlanta-based QB trainer Quincey Avery, who he’s trained with since high school and who has also worked with former Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins.

And according to the Columbus Dispatch, Fields has also spent time with a private QB coach he’s worked with since middle school, Ron Veal.

Meanwhile, in Arizona, Jack Miller is working out with a private coach named Mike Giovando, of Elev8 Quarterback Academy.

As Harrish notes, Ryan Day has expressed trust in his team that they are taking their own initiatives, saying that they can either stay on top of their training and guidelines, or be a really bad football team. Take your pick.

How the Cleveland Browns and Ohio State Buckeyes football schedules fit together for fans of both teams

Doug Lesmerises,

Lesmerises took it upon himself to map out the fall football schedule. Well, at least for the fans of both the Browns and Buckeyes, which I imagine is many of you. This is obviously only relevant if the football schedule goes ahead as planned, but nonetheless, check it out so you can start planning your tailgates/weddings you’ll be skipping.

Rival or not, Penn State is clearly top competitive threat to Ohio State

Austin Ward, Lettermen Row

Did Penn State write this?

In all seriousness, Austin is correct. If there’s anyone on Ohio State’s upcoming schedule to worry about, it’s the Nittany Lions. Now, I’m not saying they’re our new rival (even though they so desperately want to be) but the fact of the matter is... they’re better than our rivals. They’ve jeopardized our CFP hopes (TTUN has not). They’ve beaten us since I graduated high school (TTUN has not). And based on the most recent recruiting classes, it looks like they’re going to remain the bigger threat out of the two for the next few years.

Speaking of most recent recruiting classes...

Ohio State makes up 50-percent of the top four recruiting coaches and that is without including Ryan Day’s insane 2021 class. Is that good? LMK in the comments!

Jesse Mirco on Ohio State commitment, adjustment to American football

Birm, Lettermen Row

In case you missed it, Ohio State is adding another punter from down under to its 2021 class, and Birm invited him on his YouTube series, Birminology to discuss how he is approaching his future, his understanding of American-rules football, whether or not he’ll fit in with the Buckeye’s specialist group, and more.

From around the hardwood...

Prior to this week, the Ohio State basketball alumni TBT team Carmen’s Crew’s roster consisted of five returning players: point guard Aaron Craft, shooting guards William Buford, Jon Diebler and David Lighty and power forward Evan Ravenel.

Plus, Jared Sullinger will return as coach and Evan Turner as general manager. This year, it was announced that power forward Dallas Lauderdale would be joining the team after serving as an assistant coach with Sullinger during last year’s title run.

Lauderdale, who played for the Buckeyes from 2007 to 2011, was also a player for the alumni team in each of the first two years Carmen’s Crew participated.

Carmen’s Crew also announced the return of Otterbein alum Jeff Gibbs and Illinois alum Demetri McCamey, who both played in last year’s TBT tournament.

Carmen’s Crew’s 2020 tournament will take place at the new Covelli Center on campus. The Regional games will take place on Thursday, July 23, and Friday, July 24, with two games each night. The winners will then face off in the Regional Semifinals on Saturday, July, 25, followed by the Regional Championship on Sunday, July 26.

New numbers to keep an eye on.

Ohio State’s three men’s basketball transfers have received their jersey numbers. Seth Towns will wear No. 31, Abel Porter will wear No. 0 (my personal fav basketball jersey number) and Jimmy Sotos will wear No. 1.

From everywhere else...

Why can’t we just have one day with nothing but good news?

Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Anthony Fauci, (first of all, that’s way too long of a title), says its not the sweat and whatnot that goes on during football that he’s concerned about, but the everyday actions done by the players.

“I would think that if there is an infected football player on the field — a middle linebacker, a tackle, whoever it is it — as soon as they hit the next guy, the chances are that they will be shedding virus all over that person,” Fauci said to Peter King, according to Pro Football Talk.

Wait. Don’t freak out. I scrolled to the bottom of the article and it ends on a high note! Here’s what he says next:

“If you really want to be in a situation where you want to be absolutely certain, you’d test all the players before the game,” Fauci said, according to PFT. “And you say, ‘Those who are infected: Sorry, you’re sidelined. Those who are free: Get in there and play.’”

Get in there and play! You heard the Director of the National Institute of somethin’ or other!

Favorite country concert at The Schott?

I didn’t attend any of these but I’m going to go ahead and crown Luke Combs as the automatic champion anyway.