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Buckeye Bits: Mickey Marotti discusses challenges of virtual workouts, Urban Meyer roasts Redskins in defense of Haskins, more

All of the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond

Oregon State v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

From Land-Grant Holy Land...

Five-star corner set to trim list later this month

Dan Hessler, LGHL

You’d think with the already impressive 2021 secondary commitments Ohio State has racked up, that they’d be satisfied. However, that is not the case. (Did I mention this is Ohio State we’re talking about?)

The Buckeyes are still hard at work recruiting one of the nation’s top CB’s, who announced on Monday that he will be trimming his list of schools down to three on May 31.

What if Maurice Clarett hadn’t gotten hurt in the 2002 season? Was a Heisman in his future?

Matt Tamanini, LGHL

In honor of SB Nation’s “What If?” themed week, Matt writes about what could have been for the former Ohio State running back if he hadn’t of been so injury prone.

These “What if” articles always bum me out.

Buckeyes offer top Texas RB in 2022

Caleb Houser, LGHL

Ohio State offered the No. 7 running back in the 2022 class—Texas native Jaydon Blue. Texas has served as a running back gold mine for the Buckeyes since they drafted J.K. Dobbins out of La Grange, Texas in 2017, so its easy to see why Tony Alford and the rest of the recruiting staff returned to the Lone Star State.

What if college football is played in the spring?

Gene Ross, LGHL

Another “What if?”, but this one is far less depressing than our “what could have been” style columns. Gene offers some valid solutions to our “when the hell is college football happening” dilemma, and while he’s not convinced it’ll take place in the months we’re used to, he believes there can certainly be football in the spring.

From around the gridiron...

Teleconference Bullets: Mickey Marotti details Ohio State’s home workouts, the difficulty of development, importance of leadership

Colin Hass-Hill, Eleven Warriors

If any job during this unprecedented time of virtual football meetings and workouts is the most difficult, its Ohio State head strength and conditioning coach Mickey Marotti’s. Especially when you consider that most, if not all of the players don’t have access to weights or gym equipment, yet Marotti must still ensure they— linemen especially— are putting on significant muscle.

On Wednesday morning, Marotti hopped on a teleconference with reporters for 45 minutes to talk about how he has adjusted to these difficult circumstances, how the players have adjusted, some positives that have come out of the situation, and more.

You can check out Hass-Hill’s bullet-proof format, or Dan Hope’s Twitter thread of the teleconference:

Which national championship was your fav?

Considering I was eight years old when the 2002 national championship took place, I obviously have to go with 2014. I was a sophomore in college and watched the game at Chumley’s (the old Chumley’s...if you know, you know). After we won, my friends and I took to the streets of campus, running around aimlessly with everyone else. And to top one of the best nights of my life off, we were one of the lucky ones to not get hit by the police officers’ tear gas.

As for 2002, here’s all I remember: My entire extended family was in my grandma’s living room. My cousins and I were playing hide and seek. Maurice Clarett was my first favorite Ohio State player, so I told my mom to call me into the living room every time he scored so I could watch the replay. And to this day, I have never heard my family members yell that loud in my entire life. The screaming— easily the No. 1 thing I remember from that day.

Projecting production for versatile Buckeyes tight ends

Spencer Holbrook, Lettermen Row

It’s not what you think! We may actually see Ohio State tight ends pop up more on the stat sheet next season. As Holbrook notes, Jeremy Ruckert and Luke Farrell have both shown playmaking ability already, and both have the potential to make it on an NFL roster right now. It’d be just plain dumb to underutilize the two versatile tight ends.

Holbrook ran the numbers and offers an estimation of what Ruckert’s and Farrell’s stat sheets might look like at the end of next season.

Don’t say it...please don’t say it...

Ohio State five-star offensive tackle Paris Johnson came to play school.

I’m sorry.

How football could safely return, analyzing Buckeyes recruiting roll

Tim May, Lettermen Row

Safe to say that the logistics of football returning is a hot topic right now, and will continue to be until we have answers from the powers that be. In his “Tim May Podcast,” May, alongside Lettermen Row senior writer Austin Ward broke give their thoughts on what the upcoming football season may look like, the latest “recruiting roll” the Buckeyes have been on, and an interview with former Ohio State defensive tackle Robert Landers, who still has yet to land with an NFL team.

And if you’re looking for more hypotheticals, check out our Gene Ross’ take (linked above) and our Matt Tamanini’s recent column where he answers the question: What happens to Ohio State’s 2021 early enrollees if the season is moved to the spring?

Urban Meyer rips Redskins in defense of Dwayne Haskins

Clint Buckley, Bucknuts

It’s no secret that, after the Redskins’ 2019 season ended, fans wanted to run their QB out of town, despite spending a first-round pick on Dwayne Haskins the year prior.

To which Haskins’ former head coach Urban Meyer said:

“So it’s the quarterback’s fault?” Meyer asked Daniel Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks on the Move the Sticks podcast. “Never mind the fact that their coach got fired, the place is a mess, there’s this going on, there’s this going on, this going on. A lot of stuff I heard from behind the scenes — cause, once again I have several players there — yet it’s Dwayne’s fault.”

There’s nothing I love more than Meyer going on a rant about his beliefs in terms of how football programs should operate or how X team should have ran X play, and this rant where he shuts down any argument that Haskins is the problem in Washington is easily my new favorite.

From around the hardwood...

Johnston, Number 2, Grey jersey

Lebron James repping Ohio State per usual.

Speaking of “What if?” week. I know he’s an honorary Buckeye but I can’t help but feel like Ohio State fans were cheated out of some major “Lebron James is an alum” bragging rights. You know, since we could all really use some.

From everywhere else...


Here are the real ones for reference:

Listen, I know that as an Ohio State fan I have been raised to gag at this color combination, but brainwashed or not, these are...not it.

I promise I won’t say it again.

In all seriousness, congrats to these Buckeyes.

I’m sorry this Rams jersey saga just keeps getting better.

At least Texas is winning at something.