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Buckeye Bits: Detroit Free Press piles on Harbaugh, drafting Matta’s best team, football ticketing plans

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All of the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond.

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Ohio State v Michigan Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Tonight at 8 p.m. ET, the Worldwide Leader will be re-broadcasting the 2003 BCS National Championship game in which the Ohio State Buckeyes pulled off an incredible upset against the defending national champion Miami Hurricanes.

Fortunately, as all true college football historians know, there is absolutely nothing controversial or in dispute about the game, so there should be no reason for anyone from South Florida to be mad online tonight.

SB Nation’s old friend Bill Connelly and his ESPN colleague Mark Schlabach wrote an article about the game and the allegedly “controversial” call, but what was most interesting to me was the tweet that Bill C. sent as a follow up.

As I have written about recently, I was a senior at Ohio State during this season, and while it was an absolute thrill to see the Buckeyes win the title that year, I am quite sure that the back-half of that campaign contributed greatly to why I haven’t had to worry about getting a haircut during quarantine.

From around Land-Grant Holy Land...

Ohio State offers top 50 defensive end prospect

Tia Johnston, LGHL

It seems like we’ve been waiting a long time for the next BOOM hasn’t it? (It’s only been four days.) Who will be the next blue-chipper to pledge to the Buckeyes? There are a multitude of options.

The 2015 Sugar Bowl and the tears of joy that came with it

Brett Ludwiczak, LGHL

This is “Brings You to Tears” week at SBN (or something like that), and as a sentimental crier (more on that later this week), I can attest to the fact that there are a lot of reasons why a sporting event can make someone cry, but — for obvious reasons — the tears of joy are absolutely the best!

The 2003 Fiesta Bowl changed the course of college football history

Gene Ross, LGHL

Since that BCS Title Game, Ohio State has gone 190-34 (84.82%) in the subsequent 17 seasons. In those years, they have lost more than two games only three times (2004, 2008, 2011) and therefore have had double-digit wins in 15 seasons. The U on the other hand has gone 132-81 (61.97%). They have lost at least three games in every season except for the one following the Fiesta Bowl in 2003. In fact, they have lost four or more games in 10 of the past 17 years, and have only racked up double-digit wins twice (2003, 2017).

So, needless to say, Ohio State broke The U!

From around the gridiron...

Michigan football and the lingering impact of losses to Ohio State
If he thinks Michigan football has been close to a national title, Jim Harbaugh is delusional

Rainer Sabin, Detroit Free Press

Look, we love it when anyone makes fun of Jim Harbaugh; we sure do it enough, but when the local newspaper covering your team starts calling your coach “delusional,” there might be a problem. I am not a therapist, and I don’t play one on TV, but if I were to make an unprofessional, uninformed diagnosis, I would spin off of Sabin’s term and say that Jimmy suffers from delusions of grandeur.

He appears to believe that the fact that he played in the in NFL for a long time, TTUN’s storied winged helmets, and the fact that he played Screech Powers’ cousin on “Saved by the Bell: The New Class” should be enough to turn the sputtering Maize and Blue around.

Fortunately for everyone in BuckeyeNation, that hasn’t even been close to enough to close either the recruiting or developmental advantages that Ohio State currently enjoys against their rival. And, until he realizes that he is in fact the reason for the five years of disappointments in Ann Arbors, and becomes willing to make monumental changes, he will never begin to chip away at OSU’s leads; and, to be honest, I’m totally fine with that.

Young Buckeyes during pandemic: ‘This is all part of your story’

Patrick Murphy, BuckNuts

This is a great look at how the current quarantine has impacted the Buckeyes looking to start their career. In ways large and small, this uncertain time will impact the futures of these athletes and the program for years to come.

<Sure, Jan gif>

Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields can make a 2020 leap in many ways, including this one: Buckeye Take

Doug Lesmerises,

With the addition of not one, but two highly-rated freshman quarterbacks, Justin Fields now has one thing that he didn’t have in 2019, competent backups (no offense, Chugs). As Lesmerises posits, that could allow him to fully unveil all of his athletic talents when the Buckeyes eventually return to the field.

While losing Fields to an injury this season (even temporarily) would certainly be bad for the Bucks, the fear of it happening wouldn’t reach the all-out panic levels that it did last year. So, Ryan Day might be more comfortable with allowing his multi-talented QB to run the ball more often, which — while risky — can have Heisman-level upside.

Harry Miller Getting Up to Speed Quickly Could Give Ohio State the Nation’s Best Interior Offensive Line

Colin Hass-Hill, Eleven Warriors

If Fields is to take a leap in terms of his running game, Harry Miller and a reconfigured offensive line will have to be a big part of that. Fortunately, it sounds like Miller is up to that challenge.

From around the hardwood...

Mock draft: Building 3 teams of players from the Thad Matta era at Ohio State (paywall)

College Basketball Staff, The Athletic

Give me Greg Odin at the 5, Jared Sullinger at the 4, Evan Turner at the 3, D’Angelo Russell at the 3, and Michael Conley at the 1. Who’s got next?

There’s being productive during quarantine, and then there’s this:

Ivy League Player of the Year: √
Harvard Graduate: √
Winning a B1G Title with the Hometown Buckeyes: Up Next

From everywhere else...

Ohio State football moves to digital-only tickets, changes season-ticket seating procedure for 2020

Nathan Baird,

If you want to get tickets to this season, I’d advise making sure that your President’s Club dues are paid up.

Ohio House passes sports betting bill; Senate negotiations to follow

Ben Axelrod, WKYC

With shelter-in-place orders destroying economies across the country, don’t be surprised if a lot of states look to open up sports gambling, online poker, recreational marijuana, and other previously taboo enterprises as a way to increase tax revenue. It’s a clearly cynical move, but honestly one that should have been done years ago anyway.

This is the only acceptable solution.

Something’s Brewing in the Ohio State Blogosphere

Rumors of this new site have been circulating for weeks, but when OSU alum and Editor-in-Chief of Awful Announcing and The Comeback Ben Koo tweeted that Ken Stickney (he corrected the autocorrect error in the next tweet) would be the “anchor” to the site, that made sense, as he announced earlier this week that he would be leaving his position at Rivals at the end of the week. Similarly, on Thursday, both Tony Gerdeman and Tom Orr announced their gigs would end on Friday as well.

I’d expect another Ohio State beat writer or two to join the crew when this new site launches on Monday.

And now for something completely different...

True Crime and Comedy Podcast Launches

The new true crime/comedy podcast “Obsessed with: Disappeared” launched on Wednesday. Best friends of 20 years, True Crime Obsessed host Patrick Hinds and Broadway star Ellyn Marie Marsh recap every episode of ID Channel’s missing person’s show “Disappeared” in the way that only two drama queen BFFs can.

It’s funny, it’s informative, it’s insightful, you should subscribe and listen. Oh, and full disclosure, I am the editor and producer for True Crime Obsessed, so I’m biased. #SorryNotSorry