College Football RISK - Michigan is winning, we need your help!

Why am I making this post, you ask? Because Michigan is in first place with 1 week remaining, and we can’t lose to TTUN in ANYTHING. Buckeye Nation, we need your help.

What is College Football Risk? It is essentially a giant popularity contest based on the board game, RISK, with fans of each college football team as the players. The more people who play for your team, the more likely you win - and we have more players than almost any other team, with over 1000 players daily. It's a highly competitive and intense game, and in Season 1 in 2018, Ohio State finished fourth. This time around, we're aiming to win.

How it works: Every day, you choose one of Ohio State's territories to defend or a bordering territory to attack (we're gray). Every night, the results of each team's attack and defense are calculated, and the map updates based on which teams win each territory. As our territories expand, so do our options and strategies.

Here's an example of the map. Instructions how to play are below.
user generated
How to play every day:

1. Go to the College Football RISK website ( click here) and choose to login with your Reddit account - if you don't have one, create one. It takes two minutes, tops.
2. Select Ohio State as your team
3. Scroll down to the area with team logos (for example, Kent State or Cincinnati) and click on the territory you want to claim for Ohio State. When you see a gray box around the button you clicked, your move has been confirmed.
4. That's it. You're done! Just make sure to come back and play once a day. Takes 10 seconds a day - the more people who play the more we win.

5. (Optional) Join us at the r/OSUcfbRisk subreddit (click here) and opt in to daily territory assignments. You don't have to do this to play, but if you sign up for the subreddit, you can participate on a deeper level of strategy, memes, discussion, and fun. If you sign up for daily territory assignments, you'll remember to play every day and be more helpful than making moves on your own.

Current Enemies: Michigan, Texas, Nebraska. Please attack territories they hold or defend territories bordering them unless told otherwise.

Current Allies: Wisconsin, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, Alabama. We are allied to Wisconsin, Texas A&M, Stanford, and Alabama, and on good terms with Georgia Tech. Please do not attack any territories they hold or defend territories bordering them.

The more days in a row you play, the more influence your vote has (you go from a one-star to a five-star player over time, with an exponential increase in power). Just make sure you get your votes in every day by 11 PM Eastern time!

The game ends on May 9th. Go Bucks!

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