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Get the new Chase Young Ohio State Gate Series bobblehead

Every Ohio State shrine should have this.

You know what would make being stuck at home for the health and well-being of ourselves and the most vulnerable amongst us better? If there was college football to watch. Unfortunately, we are currently stuck with reliving games of seasons past — although having a handful of live games from the Korean Baseball Organization is better than no live sports at all.

But, behind actual college football games, the next thing that will certainly bring some joy to a football fan’s heart is the ability to celebrate one of the greatest of all-time with a really cool bobblehead from FOCO.

Last week, the company released a new bobblehead of former Ohio State Buckeyes star Chase Young. It depicts The Predator in action — although not wearing a helmet (for bobblehead purposes, obviously) and carrying a football (which we’re just going to assume that he picked it up after obliterating a quarterback) — on a green grass field in front of the north rotunda of Ohio Stadium.

Pre-order the Chase Young Ohio State Buckeyes Gate Series Bobblehead

After having been drafted second overall by Washington in the NFL Draft (between former OSU teammates Joe Burrow and Jeff Okudah), Young is looking to continue the pure dominance of former Buckeye defensive ends in the NFL following in the footsteps of Joey Bosa and Nick Bosa.

So, if you need to complete your Rushmen bobblehead collection by adding to the dual-Bosa version you obviously already have, pre-order the Chase Young Gate Series bobblehead and get it when it is released this summer.

This bobblehead is handcrafted and stands approximately eight inches tall, making this the ideal addition to any Ohio State shrine.