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Buckeye Bits: Replacing Damon Arnette, Justin Fields bets, Coach Day could play!

All the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Indiana Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Perhaps I am simply old and do not understand the new fangled, Generation Z slang that I see popping up on various social media platforms like The Twitter Dot Com. But, on Thursday, a ton of commits to Ohio State’s top-ranked 2021 recruiting class began tweeting out a steak emoji. But, it didn’t stop there, as uncommitted four-star tight end Hudson Wolfe got in on the fun as well.

This is where I need your help, friends. As I said, I am old and have no idea what this means. Obviously if uncommitted recruits are in on whatever this means along with OSU’s commits, that’s a good thing, but, what exactly does the steak emoji symbolize? Can someone help a Gen X/Millennial straddler out?

From Land-Grant Holy Land...

Ohio State basketball’s key 2022 prospects

Tia Johnston, LGHL

So much attention has been paid to the Ohio State football team’s recruiting as of late, it is easy to forget that the basketball team is still trying to land big-time recruits for future classes too. This morning, Tia ran through some of the biggest targets for the 2022 basketball Buckeyes. Get to know their names now, because if history holds, a handful of them will commit... and then transfer after their freshman seasons.

Chris Olave has the look of the next great Ohio State wide receiver

Brett Ludwiczak, LGHL

Cris Carter, Terry Glenn, Michael Thomas, David Boston, Michael Jenkins, Joey Galloway, Santonio Holmes. The list goes on and on in terms of the dominant wide receivers to wear the Scarlet and Gray. Brett breaks down the next man up in OSU’s long-line as WRU.

From around the gridiron...

Next Man Up: How Buckeyes can replace Damon Arnette at cornerback

Spencer Holbrook, Lettermen Row

Admit it, there’s a lot of you out there that never thought that we would ever talk about who would replace Damon Arnette, other than to give thanks as Sinbad’s nephew walked out the door. However, now that Arnette had one of the most statistically impressive seasons by some measures in recent OSU DB history and was a first-round NFL Draft pick, it’s time to start discussing who is capable of filling his shoes.

With the great Shaun Wade ready to take Jeff Okudah’s No. 1 corner spot, Spencer Holbrook runs down what you can expect from the likes of Cameron Brown, Sevyn Banks, Tyreke Johnson, true-freshman Lejond Cavazos, and a handful of other options.

Whatever corners end up in the mix for OSU next season, is there really any doubt that Kerry Coombs is going to get them ready to not only dominate the Big Ten, but to continue the tradition of BIA members getting selected in the first round?

Today is #TBT (#ThrowBackThursday), so the Ohio State Athletics Twitter account took us back to December 2014 in the game that made Cardale Jones an Ohio State legend thanks to an absolute demolishing of Wisconsin in the Big Ten Championship Game.

Again, whoever is running this account should take a remedial course on tweet-threading, but you can still scroll through the feed to relive some of the highlights from one of the most mind-blowing games in recent memory.

BuckIQ: Teradja Mitchell building steam for Ohio State breakout year

Zach Boren, Lettermen Row

Look, I know that I am mostly preaching to the choir here, but despite improvements in 2019, Ohio State’s linebacking corps needs some help. While Al Washington helped the group make monumental strides in his first season, they still were the weak spot on the OSU defense.

If a player who didn’t have much of an impact last fall makes a big jump when the Silver Bullets get back on the field, it will likely be Teradja Mitchell. He only played in five games last season due to injury, amassing 12 total tackles. But, he is an incredible athlete, and players and coaches rave about him. This is a great breakdown from the former Buckeye Zach Boren, so check it out.


Justin Fields leads nation in passing TDs vs. leads Big Ten in rushing TDs: What’s more likely for Ohio State football

Stephen Means,

In 2019, Ryan Day did not let Justin Fields use all of his natural running weapons, because — frankly — if he got hurt, the season was over. However, whenever the next football season begins, Day will have not one, but two highly recruited true-freshmen quarterbacks available to step in should something happen to Fields.

Obviously that would still be far less than ideal, but it is certainly better than what they had last fall. Despite this fact, I can’t see Fields running enough inside the five-yard line to claim the B1G crown. So, since he was third nationally in passing TDs (behind former Buckeye Joe Burrow and Wazzu’s Anthony Gordon) and was only fifth in B1G rushing TDs (although with less than half of J.K. Dobbins and Jonathan Taylor’s total), I’m gonna go with the passing TDs.

Get that cash, J’Kaylin Dobbins!

From everywhere else...

NCAA waives Division I minimum on scholarship spending

The Associated Press

This is a sneaky big story. What this means is that Division I schools will be able to cut sports all together, but still keep their status as a Division I school. The AP has all of the minutia about how this works, but essentially, expect to see some fairly big schools drop sports in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, and suffer very little consequence from the NCAA.

Playing blackjack, roulette, and craps with a small amount of people doesn’t fundamentally change the play of the game. However, as much as I love short-deck poker, playing with a maximum of four players at a table is not ideal.

Generally poker rooms will break tables down when there are only four players, so now that it is the max, I wouldn’t be surprised if poker rooms just don’t re-open until the limits are raised. Maybe it’s time to start talking about online poker again...

Vegas casinos might not be open yet, but I bet you could find an establishment on the interwebs that would be willing to take your action on these Heisman odds.

Whatever you think about shelter-in-place orders, as Ohio (and other states around the country) begin to re-open, I beg you, please don’t try to make a personal or political statement by refusing to wear a mask.

Scientists and basic logic tell us that during a pandemic, putting a piece of fabric over half of your face can dramatically lower the spread of a deadly disease. You’re a good person. You care about your fellow human. It is literally the least that you can do to help prevent yourself, your family, or someone else from going through an unthinkable tragedy. So please, if you go out, just wear a mask.

Memorial making major changes, still aiming to include fans

Jerod Smalley,

You know if there’s no fans at Murfield for this tournament, there’s gonna be so many more golf cops at home with the PGA on speed-dial, examining every CBS camera shot for a potential rules violation so that they can call and get someone a two-stroke penalty for illegally touching their club on too many blades of grass before addressing the ball. Don’t be that guy.