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Buckeye Bits: Reactions to OSU v. ‘Bama, can Kamryn Babb rebound, more

All of the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond.

NCAA FOOTBALL: JAN 01 College Football Playoff Semifinal - Allstate Sugar Bowl Photo by Tyler Kaufman/Icon Sportswire/Corbis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Today was fun, wasn’t it? It’s still mid-June, we aren’t yet 100 percent sure football is happening in the fall, and we haven’t had a recruiting commitment in nearly a month, but we got the huge news that the Ohio State Buckeyes and Alabama Crimson Tide are going to play some football games starting in seven years. This will be the first time that OSU has played an SEC team in the regular season in 36 years. Now if only we could get them to schedule this game in mid-November...

The contract between the teams has a $3 million penalty, so if either team pulls out for anything other than a force majeure, they will owe the other school a ton of money. So, chances are pretty good that this game will happen. We will talk about who will be coaching the game a bit below, but while that is still up in the air, what we do know is that the vast majority of players who will take part in that game are still in junior high at this point.

That’s kind of weird to think about, especially as the tentacles of NCAA exploitation continue to reach far and wide, so just ignore the fact that most of the players that we will be rooting for in 2027 haven’t hit puberty yet, and revel in the fact that “WE WANT ‘BAMA (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)!!

From around Land-Grant Holy Land...

Ohio State commits rise in latest Top247 recruiting rankings

Tia Williams, LGHL

Ohio State currently has three top-10 national recruits, with legitimate shots at landing two more. Bring on the BOOMs, baby!

Video Game Week: What if Brutus Buckeye was actually a hero in Skyrim?

George Eisner, LGHL

I haven’t played a real, proper video game in a decade; I think I had a PS2 at that point. When I was a kid, my mom beat the original Super Mario Bros. without losing a life. That is the extent of my contributions to SB Nation’s “Video Game Week.” You’re welcome.

BOOM! Buckeyes to play Alabama in 2027-28


Y’all, I’ve got a lot of thoughts about this. I’m going to share some silly ones below, and probably write more about it this week. But, nonetheless, if anyone tries to tell you that this is in anyway a bad thing, cut them out of your life forever. They are dumb, and they are stupid, and they don’t know things.

The most ridiculous college football bowl game sponsorships

Brett Ludwiczak, LGHL

Brett says it right: the original Arizona version of the Cheez-It Bowl was a thing of such life-changing, unicorn beauty that even as an Orlando resident, I can’t imagine the new version here in Central Florida even approaching its former level of college football whimsy. Viva la Cheez-It!!

From Buckeyes vs. ‘Bama...

What’s your prediction?

Personally, I am going “Not Saban vs not Day,” but I do think that there is a not insignificant chance that Ryan Day is still the Buckeyes’ head coach in seven years. But if he is, I feel fairly confident that the NFL will be beating down his door basically every year between now and then.

‘Zeke would like to have a word...

I mean, come on. We’ve had our issues with Pro Football Focus’ illogical outputs over the years, but anyone who watched that game and still allowed Ezekiel Elliott to not make the top six of this particular list needs to have a really long, hard look at themselves in the mirror, and perhaps reevaluate all of the life choices that led them to this regrettable point in time.

This is best tweet of the day... and any day!

My goodness, that’s hilarious!!!

More from around the gridiron...

Kamryn Babb could be next feel-good comeback story for Buckeyes

Austin Ward, Lettermen Row

Brian Hartline has had a very good couple of years when it comes to recruiting wide receivers to Ohio State. So, there is a ton to be excited about from the position this season and the foreseeable future. But, because of a string of frustrating knee injuries, Kamryn Babb has often been overlooked in those discussions.

However, if healthy, he very well could have more than enough left in the tank to contribute. He came to Columbus from St. Louis as a top-75 national recruit, and while he hasn’t seen the field yet for the Buckeyes, he is a veteran in an otherwise youthful position room, and his experience could be valuable for Justin Fields and the other WRs.

Look, Scar counted Simba out too early too, and we all know how that worked out for him...

The most-hyped college football recruits for each top-25 team (paywall)

Tom VanHaaren, ESPN

I know that Terrelle Pryor’s time at Ohio State ended rather unceremoniously, but when the Pennsylvania-native picked OSU more than a month following National Signing Day, it was a major boost to the Buckeyes, and yet another factor in their ever-increasing dominance over Penn State and Michigan.

T.P. went 31-4 as a starter for the Buckeyes, and while his successes never ended up being as big as many foresaw, the dude was an incredible athlete, and deserves a place of respect in Ohio State’s pantheon of quarterbacks.

From around the hardwood...

Join Coach Holtmann in raising money for a worthy cause.

From everywhere else...

Football: Ohio State’s Culture Expanded to Recruits through Creative Media Director

Trevor Simpson, The Lantern

Urban Meyer’s tenure leading the Ohio State football team brought incredible changes to the program, and in turn the Big Ten Conference as a whole. Between Real Life Wednesdays and the expansion of the creative media work of the program, Meyer brought the Buckeyes — somewhat kicking and screaming — into the 21st Century off the field, just as much as he did with the team’s offense on the field.

These are both philosophical changes that should continue to show positive dividends for OSU for many years to come.

What could possible go wrong?

And now for something completely different...

First look at The Snyder Cut of “Justice League”

For some reason, a ton of people campaigned online to get a new version of a not very good film, recut by a director who hasn’t made a good movie in 13 years. I don’t get it, but fanboys gonna fanboy.