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Buckeye Bits: Ezekiel Elliott, Ryan Shazier named to BTN’s All-Decade second team, expert analysis on the college football season, more

All of the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond.

Photo by Lance King/Getty Images

Happy Monday! Hope you had a wonderful (hopefully air-conditioned) weekend. Today’s Buckeye Bits is jam-packed with news, updates and questionable accolades, but before we get into it...

Okay, let’s get into it.

From around Land-Grant Holy Land...

Rivalry Week: The current state of The Game

Gene Ross, LGHL

It’s Rivalry Week at SB Nation, and Gene is kicking things off by discussing the current state of every aspect of The Greatest Rivalry In All Of Sports, from the coaching to the talent to the preparation.

24 Club: Sam Willaman, a winner who followed a legend

Jim Baird, LGHL

The next Ohio State coach in Jim’s 24 Club series is Sam Willaman, who led the Buckeyes to five straight winning seasons— which was a really big feat at the time— but was run out of town for his inability to win the conference title.

Ohio State in touch with Georgia power forward

Charles Doss, LGHL

Chris Holtmann is in touch with a 2022 power forward who already holds eight offers. Charles caught up with him to find out what he thinks of the Buckeyes.

Podcast: I Want to Go Back - John Wilce’s Buckeyes Defend Newly Opened Ohio Stadium

Jim Baird, LGHL

More Buckeye history for ya! Next up on our I Want to Go Back podcast series, Jim takes us through the time head coach John Wilce’s Buckeyes played Michigan in the Ohio Stadium dedication game.

From around the gridiron...


Interesting choice to not name the best running back of the decade as your All-Decade running back.

Zeke: 592 rush attempts, 3,961 yards, 6.7-yard average per attempt, 43 touchdowns, quite literally led team to a National Championship Win

Barkley: 671 rush attempts, 3,843 yards, 5.7-yard average per attempt, 43 touchdowns

Taylor: 320 rush attempts, 2,003 yards, 6.3-yard average per attempt, 21 touchdowns

J.K. Dobbins: 725 rush attempts, 4,459 yards, 6.2 yard average per attempt, 38 touchdowns

All great running backs, but one of them stands out a bit more than the other three, no?

Some people (mainly Penn State fans) are saying “well, you can’t just look at the stats.” To which I ask: what else should we be looking at???

At least they gave him second team accolades...

Zeke is joined by former Ohio State linebacker Ryan Shazier, who was also named to BTN’s All-Decade 2nd team.

Shazier was beat out by Iowa’s Josey Jewell, Wisconsin’s Chris Borland and Michigan’s Devin Bush.

Coronavirus and the upcoming college football season: Thoughts from the medical field

Aloyia Earl, Eleven Warriors

As much as I like to think I’m an expert when it comes to whether or not there will be college football this fall... I am, in fact, not. However, Dr. Aloiya Earl, a sports medicine physician in Dayton, is an expert and she has rejoined Eleven Warriors as a medical columnist. Earl writes about what the upcoming college football season will likely look like, and says to expect the situation and rules to change constantly, as it has for all of society over the last few months. That being said, second and third-strings will need to be more prepared to play than ever before.

How many regular season games will Ohio State football play in 2020? Buckeye Talk Daily Pod

Nathan Baird,

Jumping off of Earl’s point about expecting fluidity over the coming months, what are the chances Ohio State will actually play its full 12-game schedule? The guys over at discuss the factors that might make an impact on the full season, proposed solutions, and more in their Buckeye Talk podcast.

Complete tight ends give Buckeyes dangerous versatility

Spencer Holbrook, Lettermen Row

Not only do Ohio State’s tight ends show promise this year, but, as Holbrook writes, they are arguably the most complete group on the Buckeyes’ roster. Senior Luke Farrell is expected to land on an NFL roster next year, and right behind him is former No. 1 tight end prospect in the country, Jeremy Ruckert. Holbrook explains why this could finally be THE year for the Ohio State tight end room.

In 2-deep: Ohio State’s projected depth chart on offense

Dave Biddle, Bucknuts

The season is approaching, which means projected depth charts will be flowing across the college football world over the next couple of months. First up is Biddle’s, where he gives you a position-by-position analysis on what he thinks the Buckeyes’ offensive depth chart will look like come September 5.

From everywhere else...

Former Ohio State point guard Keyshawn Woods will no longer play in TBT.

Big X announced on Monday that Woods—one of their best players— has been exposed to the coronavirus and will therefore be unable to participate in TBT, which kicks off in Columbus this weekend. Woods was set to join former Buckeyes Andrew Dakich, C.J. Jackson and Jae’Sean Tate on Big X.

The “best prospect since Lebron James” is headed to the Big Ten.

Emoni Bates, who is expected to become the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NBA draft, told ESPN that he was committing to Michigan State. Spartans fans, revel in this news because the odds of him actually stepping foot on a college campus are slim to none.

Cam Newton to New England

Cam Newton signed a “bare-minimum” contract with the New England Patriots, filling the vacant QB spot that Tom Brady left. Newton has been injury prone in recent years and was released from the Carolina Panthers on March 24. He signed a one-year contract with the Patriots that could earn him up to $7.5 million, depending on performance and incentives.

Hamilton signs with the Jaguars.

Former Ohio State defensive tackle DaVon Hamilton, who was picked by the Jags in the third round of the 2020 NFL Draft, signed a four-year rookie contract with the team on Monday.