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Urban Meyer is optimistic there will be college football this fall

The former Ohio State head coach thinks a conference-only schedule is why we’ll have a season after all.

College Football Playoff Semifinal at the PlayStation Fiesta Bowl - Clemson v Ohio State Photo by Ralph Freso/Getty Images

I know right now we need any excuse to stay positive as the COVID-19 pandemic has gripped this country since March, but how anybody could have any optimism when it comes to college football being played in the fall is beyond me. COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations in Ohio, as well as many other states around the country, are increasing. Even though there is still almost two months before we could see college football begin, it’s just hard to see that happening when so many aren’t taking the virus seriously.

Yesterday, Ohio governor Mike DeWine updated Ohioans on where the state stood when it comes to COVID-19. Going into the update, many had expected DeWine would also announce there was going to be a mask mandate, but instead the governor just gave us the kind of talking to that I expect you hear from former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel when he gets mad. One of those, “I’m not upset, just really disappointed in you” type speeches.

If we even had a fighting chance at a college football season, DeWine would have mandated masks, which is something he should have done quite some time ago. Instead, DeWine asked Ohioans to wear a mask. Apparently the governor thinks that asking really nicely will change the view of the anti-mask crowd. It won’t. Tough times call for tough measures, and for some reason in this state we aren’t requiring the simplest tough measure that there is.

There are people out there who claim that sports writers are “rooting for the virus” which is asinine. Yes, after having no sports since March, along with countless talented writers losing their jobs since, we are just itching for COVID-19 to cancel even more sports and put even more people out of work. You caught us. Guess we’ll have to go back to the drawing board to concoct our next devious plan.

There is a big difference between “rooting for the virus” and not wanting to see athletes, especially college athletes who aren’t being paid for their services, contract the virus and possibly be dealing with the effects of COVID-19 for the rest of their lives just for our enjoyment. I know college football players want to play this fall, but we shouldn’t be putting that on them right now as this country is in the middle of a pandemic.

I do agree with Meyer that the conference-only schedule allows for a better shot at college football being played this fall, but I still have next-to-no confidence that the season will be played. What would have given us a better shot at seeing college football played this fall is taking the virus seriously over the last two months. Instead, it was almost like so many people gave up doing what they could to mitigate the spread of the virus because they couldn’t stand not being able to go to Applebee’s any longer.

Then again, I don’t really know what I was expecting Meyer to say when it comes to playing college football in the fall. He obviously wants there to be college football so he can collect that paycheck from FOX. To each his own though. Maybe he’s right. Meyer is 21 years older than I am and has plenty more life experience, as well as a family to think of, so he has a lot more at stake.

We are all entitled to our own opinions, I just don’t agree with his optimism right now. I was there in the middle of May when things seemed like they were trending in the right direction, but seeing the rise of cases and hospitalizations around the country has done a number on me. It just seems highly irresponsible to have college football right now, especially when many schools might have limited students on campus, or not even have students on campus at all.

That doesn’t mean we can’t comeback from this to save the college football season, it’s just going to take a lot of work, not only from people around the nation, but also from those who are in charge in this country. The odds are stacked against us, but we have come back against plenty of tough opponents before. The changes need to be immediate and we need to be united in taking them on, or else we have no chance.

Go Bucks!