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Get your limited edition Brutus ‘Countdown to Kickoff’ bobblehead (with adjustable dates)

No matter when college football starts again, you’ll always be able to have an accurate countdown!

Look, let’s be honest, we have no idea if college football is going to start on time, or even happen this fall at all, so, our friends at FOCO have the perfect bobblehead to celebrate the Ohio State Buckeyes’ eventual return to the field, whenever that might actually happen.

Recently, FOCO released a series of brand-new, collectable bobbleheads featuring several NFL and college football mascots counting down the days to the TBD return dates of their respective seasons. For our purposes, the one that really matters is Brutus Buckeye standing in front of the iconic OSU helmet and on a countdown clock, marking the days until games resume.

But, what’s especially nice for Buckeye fans in these COVID times that we’re living in is that the number of days remaining is completely adjustable, so if there are starts and stops in the college football calendar, you can adjust right along with Ryan Day and company.

Make sure to order yours quickly though, because it is a collector’s item, only 2,020 of them were made (see what they did there)?

Purchase your Brutus Buckeye Countdown to Kickoff bobblehead here!

In addition to Brutus, the other mascots included in the series are Rowdy (Dallas Cowboys), Poe (Baltimore Ravens), Sourdough Sam (San Francisco 49ers), KC Wolf (Kansas City Chiefs), Pat Patriot (New England Patriots), Mike the Tiger (LSU Tigers), Big Al (Alabama Crimson Tide), The Tiger (Clemson Tigers), and The Nittany Lion (Penn State Nittany Lions).

These bobbleheads are handcrafted to depict NFL and college football mascots that are staples of the football world. Each stands approximately eight inches tall, making these the ideal additions to any collection at home, or any desk at work or school.