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Buckeye Bits: Ohio State No. 2 in AP Poll, Terry McLaurin putting on a show in Washington, more

All of the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond.

Washington Redskins v Buffalo Bills Photo by Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

Happy Monday, reader. I’m happy to report that last week has ended.

Look, the Big Ten isn’t going to reverse its decision. So how bout we start looking forward to a winter season that is supposedly in the works? I know it won’t be the same, but its Buckeye football nonetheless. Plus, it’ll be nice to have some college football to turn to during those dark and cold winter months. Think positive thoughts, people!

I know that the majority of the fanbase is still upset. Some are even threatening to boycott the team forever. I get the hysterics, trust me. And I think it’ll begin to hurt even more when the air turns crisp and the leaves start to fall. However, the men of the scarlet and gray WILL suit up again. We will be attending tailgates and singing Carmen Ohio with 100,000 of our closest friends in the ‘Shoe before we know it. And the year 2020 will be a distant memory.

But folks, we mustn’t forget that we are in the midst of a global pandemic due to a deadly, highly contagious virus. The Big Ten—while executed poorly— made the decision not to put its athletes at risk, and frankly, it’s only a matter of time until other P5 conferences follow suit. And as much as I love Ohio State football, I have to respect that decision.

We here at LGHL are going to continue to pump out content, and we’re going to have to get creative, so bare with us! And if you have any topics you want us to cover or questions you want answered, drop them in our comments below! We look forward to going through these ~ unprecedented times ~ with you. Now, let’s get into today’s headlines, shall we?

From around Land-Grant Holy Land...

Column: Where are your parents?

Meredith Hein, LGHL

In her column this week, Meredith gives her thoughts on parents peacefully protesting at the Big Ten headquarters, and reiterates the fact that all they’re asking for is answers from the conference. Had the Big Ten been more transparent from the get-go, they probably could have avoided (most of) the backlash they’ve received over the last two weeks.

12-for-12: Ohio State’s Perfect Season

Gene Ross, LGHL

Since we don’t have a real season to work off of, Gene has put together a fake season for us! Here’s the gist:

  • The schedule for the Buckeyes is filled with one game from each of the last 12 years, complete with three non-conference opponents, nine Big Ten showdowns, and a three-game postseason with a Big Ten title game and College Football Playoff matchups.
  • Each week this fall, we will be covering one of these games as if they are happening in real time, including a recap, game summary, clips and highlights.
  • We will also be keeping a running total of the Buckeyes’ stats as we go to determine who led Ohio State in some of the key statistical categories once the “season” is over.

The game recaps will drop every Thursday afternoon, beginning this Thursday (8/27) with the Week 1 matchup against Virginia Tech as the Buckeyes travel to Blacksburg for the season opener. See you there!

From around the gridiron...

Buckeyes still ranked in AP poll — for now

Spencer Holbrook, Lettermen Row

Ohio State is in the running for a national title, despite the fact that they are not playing football this fall. They received 21 first-place votes. Pain.

We must hold onto this victory until football returns.

Randy Wade organizing rally outside Ohio Stadium on Saturday morning, urges other Big Ten parents to follow suit

Kevin Harrish, Eleven Warriors

Like Meredith said in her column, there’s some confusion as to why the parents of Big Ten football players are protesting. It’s not that they want the fall season reinstated (the conference has made it clear that’s not happening). Rather, they just want some flipping answers. Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren issued yet another vague statement last week, and while it did provide a little more insight into the reasoning behind the cancelation, it still left many questions unanswered. Why was the decision made so quickly? Why weren’t the ADs and coaches in on the decision? Why aren’t other conferences canceling? What is the plan moving forward?

However, as with any fanbase, there’s always that one fan who takes things a little too far.

And Tennessee Jeff is (among others) that fan for Ohio State. He tweeted Monday morning that he was going to bring a piñata with Warren’s face “plastered all over it” to the parents’ otherwise peaceful protest on Saturday. He deleted the tweet saying that it was “a joke” after people began pleading him not to show up and embarrass the university. (Shoutout to those people)

If you’re new here or from another fanbase, I am here to tell you that Tennessee Jeff is not an accurate representation of the rest of us.

Good news turns to bad news for two future Buckeyes

Bill Kurelic, Bucknuts

The Philadelphia Catholic League announced that it will be postponing fall sports until the spring, meaning Ohio State 2021 commits, quarterback Kyle McCord and wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. will not get to play their senior seasons, as they plan to graduate early and enroll at Ohio State in January.

NCAA’s decision to grant additional year of eligibility will have impact on Ohio State, other college football teams for years to come

Dan Hope, Eleven Warriors

Last week, the NCAA announced that they were granting all fall sports athletes a free year of eligibility and an additional year to complete their eligibility, regardless of whether or not they play this fall or spring. While this sounds good on paper, there’s a whoooole lot to hash out regarding future classes, scholarship numbers, NFL Draft decisions, etc., and the impact of this is going to be felt for quite some time— at least five years, according to Hope.

Why Ohio State football fans should still care about a winter or spring season

Nathan Baird,

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, the Big Ten did not cancel fall sports indefinitely. They “postponed it,” which allows them to put together a winter or spring season with safety precautions in place that reach their medical professionals’ standards. Do I think they could have hashed out a fall season between early March and now? Yes. But they didn’t. So here we are.

In their latest Buckeye Talk podcast episode, the guys at predict when Ohio State will play again, and whether Justin Fields, Shaun Wade, Wyatt Davis, etc. will present. Baird also discusses why he believes a winter season “could still carry real intrigue and importance.”


What could possibly go wrong?!

“The show must go on” — the CFP committee

I just can’t imagine a world where college football makes it past November when Notre Dame has already reported nearly 400 positive cases linked to two (just TWO!) off-campus parties. Players, also known as 18 to 22-year-old college students, will have to abide by all rules, which means no post-win celebrations, no house parties, no bars— everything that makes college what it is.

But hey, here’s hoping.

From around the league...


The NFL has been successful thus far in keeping positive cases at bay. Hopefully, they can keep it up for the next five months.

You will not be wrong.

J.K. Dobbins ‘put on a show’ at Ravens training camp

Patrick Murphy, Bucknuts

Chase Young already receiving high praise with Washington

Dave Biddle, Bucknuts

We’re going to be covering former Buckeyes in the NFL more than we ever have this fall, and based on these two reports from two guys you might remember, this should be an easy feat.

Might I suggest The Washington Football team to get your Buckeye-fix this season?