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Buckeye Bits: Haskell Garrett released from hospital, Buckeye parents frustrated and hurt, more

All of the latest Ohio State news from around the beat and beyond

Parents of Big Ten Football Players Protest Conference Decision to Postpone Football Season Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

Happy Monday and, more importantly, happy Last Day of August.

From having a full-blown 10-game schedule set to begin Sept. 3, to having no college football season at all six days later — the events that unfolded in August 2020 will forever haunt Big Ten football fans. If you’d like to reminisce on said events before we step into what will hopefully be a much better month, I recommend this timeline:

Before we officially move on for good, can we just...

“Aug. 5: Big Ten unveils its revised schedule.

Aug. 11: Big Ten announces it will postpone all fall sports in 2020.”

Six. Days.

Nevertheless, it’s time to stop dwelling on that which we cannot change, no matter how many times we angry-tweet at the powers that be. The Big Ten has made it abundantly clear that a season with a September start-date is not happening. As things currently stand, there have been reports that the conference is discussing a 2020 season beginning Thanksgiving weekend, however, that is just one of many options under consideration. I have more on that below, along with the rest of today’s headlines and updates for your perusal. Let’s get into it.

From around Land-Grant Holy Land...

2022 standouts name Ohio State among leaders

Charles Doss, LGHL

The Buckeyes made two more top-schools lists because Recruiting. Is. Not. Dead.

Column: Don’t be mad about sports getting moved

Meredith Hein, LGHL

Right now, there’s a whole lot more to be mad about.

From around the gridiron...

On Saturday, Randy Wade and other football parents at Ohio State gathered at the Ohio Stadium Rotunda, along with more than 100 Buckeye fans, to speak out against the Big Ten’s decision to cancel the season.

And still, the Big Ten remains silent, leaving parents frustrated and hurt.

Frustration continues without answers for Buckeyes parents

Spencer Holbrook, Lettermen Row

In Lettermen Row’s interview with Gee Scott Sr. on Saturday, Holbrook notes the pain in his voice when discussing the Big Ten’s lack of transparency.

“Help us understand that now that you’ve seen new things that have happened since you made the decision, help us understand why and when there’s going to be a season. Help us understand why Thanksgiving or November is better than January. Help us understand why November is better than October. Help us understand, yes or no, will COVID be around in one year? Two years? COVID is not going to be eradicated tomorrow. We always say we going to live with a new normal. Well, guess what? We are living in a new normal.”

Every last one of Scott’s questions deserves an answer. The Big Ten’s decision to cancel? It stinks. It’s heartbreaking. But... I get wanting to keep players safe. However, the Big Ten’s decision to keep players, coaches and parents so out of the loop that they resort to PROTESTING? That’s pretty inexcusable.

Haskell Garrett will be released from hospital, recovering from shooting

Austin Ward, Lettermen Row

Ohio State defensive tackle Haskell Garrett was found by police early Sunday morning with a gunshot wound to his face. Fortunately, he was released from the hospital on Monday morning.

Additional information about the shooting has not been provided.

91 students test positive on August 27, bringing the total number of positive COVID-19 tests among the Ohio State community up to 511 in updated testing data

Avery DePaola, Eleven Warriors

This most recent testing data (updated on Saturday) comes after Ohio State began its fall semester on Aug. 25. Meanwhile, Alabama, who began classes on Aug. 19, and who had reported 560 positive cases this time last week, now has more than 1,000 positive cases two weeks into their fall semester. Hopefully we don’t see a similar spark in Ohio State’s numbers at their two-week mark.

Don’t count on the College Football Playoff waiting for an Ohio State football season in November

Doug Lesmerises,

Like I said in the intro, Ohio State is not playing football in September. They’re not playing football in October. Right now, the two options that have gained the most traction around the Big Ten rumor mill is a season starting on Thanksgiving weekend or a “spring” season kicking off in January.

While the Big Ten is doing whatever it can to make a football season happen one way or another, they might be wasting their time. For one, the conference won’t qualify for the College Football Playoff, even if they do start in November. And two, the season will mean virtually nothing to fans and players, especially when it comes to the Buckeyes. Ohio State fans are too greedy and the players have too much at stake to play for anything less than a national title. Will we all tune in to support our teams? Sure. But in the back of our minds I think we’ll all be wondering: what’s the point?

And the players risking their lives so that the NCAA can profit won’t see a dime of it.

It’s worth noting that Ames and Iowa City are two hours away from each other.

Another one bites the dust.

Sources told CBS Sports that Chase’s decision is not specifically related to COVID-19. Rather, his agents may have convinced Chase to leave before his third season to prepare for the draft. Chase is expected to be the first wideout selected in the 2021 NFL Draft and could be a top-five pick.

Our own recruiting expert Gene Ross calls Bennett’s decision 60/40 Ohio State over Tennessee.

From everywhere else...

2020, man.

You can read more about Boseman’s legacy here.

ESPN announces 2020 college football TV broadcasting teams

Dave Biddle, Bucknuts

Phew, it’s gonna hurt like hell watching Alabama and Clemson play college football while the best team in the nation is at home.