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Stick to Sports podcast: What to watch or listen to if you’re still feeling the post-national championship blues

Tia and Matt discuss their go-to list of shows, music and hobbies that help them forget DaVonta Smith exists

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2016 Steve Nash Foundation Showdown Photo by J. Countess/Getty Images

Land-Grant Holy Land’s newest podcast series, Stick to Sports, will be unlike any podcast you’ve heard on the Ohio State beat. Your hosts, Tia Johnston and Matt Tamanini, will (of course) talk Ohio State football, but the primary focus of the show will be on what’s going on around the periphery, such as weird/funny happenings in college football and the sports world at large, as well as other things that keep us interested in between games, whether that’s pop culture, social media trends— you name it.

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For those of you who have had enough of national championship recaps, analyses and NFL Draft rumors, this podcast is for you. Tia and Matt obviously had to touch on the game for a hot second to start the show before they dive right into anything and everything that makes them feel good during these trying times. They discuss the shows, apps, and music that they turn to when...say...DaVonta Harris makes a meal out of Ohio State’s defense. Check out their ‘Feel Good’ list below, and feel free to name your favorite go-tos in the comments!

Matt’s ‘Feel Good’ List:

Ted Lasso

Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits

Chris Gaines’ Greatest Hits

Tigers Original Off Broadway Cast Recording

Heathers Musical World Premiere Recording


Sports Night

Buffy the Vampire Slayer “Once More, with Feeling— I’ve Got a Theory”

In Short

Tia’s ‘Feel Good’ List:

How To Get Away With Murder


Bridgerton Soundtrack

Sex and the City Reboot

TIKTOK! (Hop on the TikTok train, people! You won’t regret it)

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Twitter: @BWWMatt, @LandGrant33