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In Conversation Podcast: Steven Godfrey on rewinding Ohio State’s 2014 season, comparing it to 2021 Buckeyes

Matt chats with one of the most insightful and interesting voices in college football.

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On Land-Grant Holy Land In Conversation, we talk to people in and around Ohio State athletics, and the sporting world at large, to bring you a different insight and perspective to the teams, athletes, and university that you love.

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On this episode, I am in conversation with one of the most insightful and interesting voices in college football, Secret Base’s Steven Godfrey. If you are unfamiliar with Steven’s work, he is a long-time SBNation fixture, the co-host of the dearly departed podcast “Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody,” and is now one of the cohosts of PAPN’s spiritual offspring the “Split Zone Duo.”

Earlier this month, Steven released a Secret Base video rewinding Ohio State’s victory in the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship Game. He goes into the outside factors that led to the game being far more important than who got to hoist the trophy as confetti rained down. He discusses the ups and downs of the Buckeye’s 2014 season and focuses in on Ezekiel Elliott’s 85 yards through the heart of the south.

We also talk about the comparisons between the 2014 and 2021 OSU teams, what this season’s Buckeyes are capable, and much more.

The touchdown run that helped Ohio State derail the SEC’s decade of dominance deserves a rewind: WATCH HERE

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