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Buck Off Podcast: Indiana week, remaining schedule, offensive line recruiting

This weeks episode of Buck Off previews the Indiana Hoosiers, gets into a hot recruiting topic, and a lot more as we return from the bye week

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I am joined, as always, by Jordan Williams to discuss this weeks recruiting wins and the Indiana game.

We start the show discussing some of the biggest stories throughout the week from the Buckeyes this week. The Buckeyes had two big commitments and we discuss offensive line recruiting. Then we get into some key players getting healthy and what they can provide in the second half of the season.

Moving forward, I ask Jordan if he would take Ohio State or the field when it comes to the winning the Big Ten Championship. We discuss who the biggest challengers are for the Buckeyes on their remaining schedule and if we see them stumbling against anyone.

To continue on, we discuss the Indiana game in detail and what to expect from the Hoosiers. We look back at their schedule to put into perspective why Indiana might be the best 2-4 team in the country. We get into how they looked against MSU with Jack Tuttle at quarterback and what challenges they will present to the Buckeyes.

Lastly, we close out the show with our keys to a successful road win for Ohio State, and our keys to success for the Buckeyes as they take on the Hoosiers in a night game.

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