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Check out the snazzy new Ohio State designs from The Wild Collective

I don’t know if I’m cool enough to wear these, but I’m sure gonna try!

Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

Let’s be honest, even the coolest and trendiest of us midwesterners could use some help in the fashion department, especially since “getting dressed up” often means putting on our “good” Ohio State sweatshirt. Fortunately, The Wild Collective is here to spruce up your style AND your Buckeye wardrobe.

The female-owned sports and lifestyle apparel brand has some really fun and unique, officially licensed designs for both men and women, and has first-of-its-kind unisex options to boot. The Wild Collective allows sports lovers to represent their favorite teams while expressing their own unique style with elements including monochromatic layering, tailored fits, matching sets, on-trend washes and more — I don’t exactly know what all of that means, but my fashion-forward friend tells me that those are all very good things.

“Just as athletes bring personality and style on the court and off, fans want to be able to rock a sense of style and individuality in an accessible way,” said The Wild Collective founder Whitney Bansin. “We have built The Wild Collective from the ground up to bring on-trend designs, inventive styles and never-before-seen components to sports apparel created both for the diehards and the plus-ones.”

Check out all of The Wild Collective’s Ohio State collection HERE!

And here are some of our favorite examples of what The Wild Collective has to offer.

Let us know what your favorite item from The Wild Collective’s Ohio State collection is in the comments below!