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Instant Recap Podcast: Ohio State gets physically beat down by TTUN 42-27

Ohio State gets out physicaled and out performed by Michigan in a tough loss that revealed a lot about Ohio State in “The Game”

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Ohio State ​was defeated by their hated rival Michigan in a game where they were out performed in every facet and beaten 42-27. The Buckeyes clock restarts and the goal for next year is obvious, so the guys try to contextualize this game and season the best they can.

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In this episode of the Land Grant Holy-Land’s instant recap podcast, Jordan and Chris have a conversation about the questionable offensive game plan and the defensive failures that finally caught up to the Buckeyes.

They discuss what went wrong for the Buckeyes, then they get into how Michigan finally turn the tides back in the direction of the Wolverines. Then we get into the coaching staff, the recruiting misses, and the philosophical issues that led to Ohio State’s failures not only in “The Game,” but throughout the season.

After the break, Chris and Jordan get into why the Buckeyes are built for some success moving forward. This game is tough to stomach for a lot of people, but this team has a lot of positives moving forward. We also discuss the potential of some tough decisions Ryan Day will have to make going into next year.

Up next for the Buckeyes: waiting see what bowl they are playing in and starting the 365 day preparation for revenge against SOB’s from up north.

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