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Ohio State nutcracker bobblehead is the perfect last-minute holiday gift

Yes, I understand the irony of promoting an officially licensed nutcracker to fans of a team who have a nut for a mascot.

Matt Tamanini Matt Tamanini is the co-managing editor of Land-Grant Holy Land having joined the site in 2016.

What’s crackin’, Buckeye Nation? With just a day and a half left before Christmas, we’ve got a perfect (if not slightly creepy) gift that you can get for the holiday-loving Ohio State fan in your life. Complete your dream team of holiday decorations with this officially licensed Ohio State Buckeyes Nutcracker Bobblehead.

Get Your Ohio State Nutcracker Here!

While I understand that having a team-themes nutcracker is a little bit uncomfortable when your mascot is literally a nut, he is wearing an Ohio State hat and shirt (and an oddly maniacal facial expression) so I think he’s probably not going to be cracking any of our particular brand of poisonous nuts.

The nutcracker bobblehead (nut-head for short) is handcrafted and hand-painted and is an impressive 10 inches tall, making it the perfectly collectible for every fan’s Ohio State shrine/fan cave. In fact, because they are so unique and collectible, there is a strict limit of two of these nut-heads per person.

Now obviously, if you order this Ohio State Nutcracker Bobblehead it’s not going to arrive before Christmas, but you can always do what I do on the regular, print out a picture of the item, put it in a gigantic box, fill it with tons of packet material or tissue paper, then wrap it, and confuse the hell out of the person that you’re giving it to.