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Recruiting success at other programs may actually benefit Ohio State and their 2022 class

The Buckeyes have the best QB in the country for 2022 and plan to keep it that way.

Five-star 2022 QB Quinn Ewers

Even with it being the offseason, Ohio State’s football program has been as busy as it gets. While Ryan Day sorts through the typical coaching carousel that tends to pick up in the winter months, the good news is that the Buckeyes are in great shape regardless of who comes or goes. This team is much deeper than any one single coach, but still, keeping the band together is what everyone would prefer after seeing what this staff can do when it’s together.

All of this news can give the notion that recruiting is taking a little bit of a step back in terms of priority, but don’t be fooled. Coaching hires and transitions deal directly with recruiting due to the importance coaches play in that role. Anytime now news should come of the final outcome of Al Washington’s decision, but until then, recruiting is still at the forefront of any offseason.

The success of other teams may benefit Ohio State

It may sound a bit odd to say, but in this case another program having recruiting success may actually benefit the Buckeyes and their 2022 class. Sure, that may be completely against the typical point of view, but when speaking on Ohio State and their 2022 quarterback commit Quinn Ewers, the Buckeyes may not mind if a competitor lands another top quarterback which in return may keep them away from trying to steal Ewers.

You already know Ewers is the crown jewel of Ohio State’s 2022 group to this point. Ranked not only as the top quarterback in the class, but the best player in the entire country, Ewers has been committed to the Buckeyes since November of 2020, and the excitement from Ohio State fans all over could not be any more intense. Knowing this talent is truly generational, landing Ewers is certainly a feat the Buckeyes are more than satisfied with, but also know the work is going to continue until the 2022 class reaches their own signing day.

After his de-commitment from his home state Texas Longhorns, the Buckeyes were able to swoop in and a earn his verbal pledge. Still, with Texas hiring Steve Sarkisian, a hint of worry may have crept into the minds of Ohio State followers that he, along with a rejuvenated Texas program, may convince Ewers once again to come back to the Longhorns and stay at home for his college career. All of that said, Ewers has made it pretty clear that the Buckeyes are his choice and he’s more than happy with his recruiting status of being the signal caller and leader of Ohio State’s 2022 class.

At any rate, even with the reaffirmation Ewers has given in regards to his Buckeye pledge, Texas is always going to be in the back of people’s minds and that’s completely understandable. He is a Texas native and after all, he was at one time committed to the in-state program. It’s going to be a long wait for this class to be cemented in stone considering the 2021 class is just finishing up, but all signs right now point towards Ohio State being just fine in regards to keeping this class together, and that could even get a little stronger thanks to some success Texas may be coming close to.

Texas has emerged as a strong candidate to land the No. 2-ranked pro-style quarterback in the 2022 class, Maalik Murphy. The California native is expected to visit Texas this coming weekend, and after a Crystal Ball prediction in favor of the Longhorns was submitted this week, it really does feel as if Sarkisian has a serious shot at landing the quarterback that trails only Ewers in the rankings.

Seeing Texas land Murphy would certainly ease the minds of Buckeye fans, because having that highly ranked of a quarterback in the class would all but seal the deal on Texas’ efforts to steal back the commitment of Ewers. If Murphy is in the class for Sarkisian, that gives them a huge key to the future success of the program and would almost assuredly keep the noses of Texas away from Ewers.

The ironic piece here is Murphy at one time was a player Ohio State was really high on when Ewers was committed to Texas. If the Buckeyes are being honest, they wouldn’t mind at all seeing Texas land Murphy somewhat soon to make their own lives a bit easier. This weekend’s visit may be a big step towards that possible scenario.

Quick Hits

  • The Buckeyes have the top receiver in the country per 247Sports in the fold for 2022 thanks to Texas native Caleb Burton, but will definitely add at least one or maybe even two more receivers in the class. The easy favorite to be next in line is a prospect that has been talked amount numerous times as of late, but that’s because Kyion Grayes has made his interest in the Buckeyes more than clear.

The one-time Arizona commit has seen his stock increase drastically over the last couple of months, and now is a four-star prospect considered as the 45th-best receiver in the class. As a potential commitment could be coming soon, Grayes continues to see top programs from around the country taking notice of what Ohio State loves about his game. After earning an Auburn offer yesterday, Grayes really is one of the faster rising players of this class. Set to visit the Buckeyes at the end of this month, adding him to the fold for 2022 could be a matter of when and not just if.