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Stick to Sports podcast: A rundown of the Ohio State men’s basketball team if you’re just now tuning in

For those of you who only tune into college basketball for the Madness, Matt has you covered with a quick summary of the Ohio State men’s basketball team

NCAA Basketball: Illinois at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

Land-Grant Holy Land’s newest podcast series, Stick to Sports, will be unlike any podcast you’ve heard on the Ohio State beat. Your hosts, Tia Johnston and Matt Tamanini, will (of course) talk Ohio State football and basketball, but the primary focus of the show will be on what’s going on around the periphery, such as weird/funny happenings in college football and the sports world at large, as well as other things that keep us interested in between games, whether that’s pop culture, social media trends— you name it.

Listen to the episode and subscribe:

If you are one of many who only tune into college basketball once the stakes are high and there’s something in it for you (i.e. your office bracket challenge), this podcast is for you. In this week’s episode, Matt catches us up on the Ohio State men’s basketball team as they head into their first game of the Big Ten Tournament against Minnesota Thursday afternoon. He tells us:

  • How their regular season ended
  • The players to watch
  • The issues they need to address
  • Injury updates
  • What the future looks like for the team

And if you’d like a more in-depth analysis on the team, check out his podcast with former Ohio State men’s basketball player, Joey Lane:

After that, he and Tia discuss (rant) about the disrespect Justin Fields has been receiving by a select few draft analysts and why it’s a problem that extends beyond the Buckeye quarterback.

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