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LGHL March Madness Bracket Challenge!

Think you can you beat our brilliant college basketball experts? The top bracket wins a “Not just a football school!” t-shirt!

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The most blessed week of the whole calendar year is finally here! It has been two whole years since the last NCAA Tournament, so we’re going to do this one right. And what better way to celebrate the best weekend of the year than competing with a few hundred of your closest friends for bracket immortality? Yes, COVID might take this year’s tournament for a loop or two, but here’s what matters — we made it to March, and we’ve got ourselves a big, beautiful bracket to mess up.

We’re excited to announce the LGHL Bracket Challenge Contest, where the top bracket will win a brand new c̶a̶r̶ “Not just a football school!” t-shirt from our friends over at BreakingT!

Should there be a tie, we will follow ESPN Tournament Challenge’s tiebreaker procedures, which go as follows:

“ Tiebreaker #1 - An entrant’s predicted score for the championship game is compared to the actual score of the championship game. The difference between the total amount of points scored in the Tournament’s championship game and the total amount of points in the entrant’s predicted score determines an entrant’s Tiebreaker Game Score. The entry with the smallest difference is considered the highest ranked entry.”

The rules of the contest are very simple. Fill out your bracket on ESPN before the games start. Earn points for each correct guess. Pout about the wrong ones (but not too much, or it’ll be a long weekend). Whoever ends up with the most points wins, and can rub it in our faces on Twitter.


  1. Join the Land-Grant Holy Land bracket group on ESPN.
  2. Make your picks — have them completed before games tip off on Friday, March 19.
  3. One entry per user. If you enter more than one and we notice, you’ll be ineligible to win. Don’t be that person.
  4. There are terms and conditions that apply. Please check them out before joining.
  5. That’s all! Go Bucks.

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