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Play Like a Girl podcast: What are all these legal fees from US Soccer for?

Kelsey and Meredith talk through a sizeable legal expenditure from US Soccer, as well as how women are helping women by investing in women’s sports.

France v United States - International women friendly match Photo by Catherine Steenkeste/Getty Images

On LGHL’s Play Like a Girl podcast, Kelsey and Meredith talk everything from Ohio State sports to advocacy for women in sports and all the happenings in between.

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This week, Play Like a Girl welcomed a new host in Kelsey Trainor! You might remember Kelsey way back from one of the first episodes of Play Like a Girl, when she joined as a special guest to talk through legal issues for women in sports.

In her first time out as host, Kelsey kicked off with a law-related topic right in her area of expertise. Kelsey and Meredith talked through US Soccer’s recently revealed expenditures, which happened to show a massive spend on legal fees...especially since 2019, when the US Women’s National Team just happened to win a World Cup and raised their collective voices for equal pay. Gee, I wonder why those legal fees might be for?

The pair also discussed (on a much more positive note) how women are helping women by investing in women’s sports, and how athlete advocacy has been helping build bridges of support across many figures in sports.

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