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Getting to know one of Ohio’s top high school guards: Gabe Cupps

Ohio State has expressed interest in Cupps, but is their slate of guards too full to take the Centerville star in 2023?

Steve Helwagen, 247Sports

It is common knowledge that you can never start recruiting too early in college sports. College basketball is no exception to this rule as coaches will reach out to recruits, their families, and coaches the first chance that they get.

Centerville point guard Gabe Cupps is a coveted 2023 recruit from Dayton and has had contact with numerous high profile programs. Ohio State has been in touch with the 6-foot-2 point guard, as have schools including Wisconsin, Clemson, Kansas, Michigan, Virginia and the team that is going after him the hardest, Indiana.

Since he is only a sophomore, and the pandemic has shut down any on-campus visits, schools haven’t yet been allowed to direct contact with Cupps, unless the recruit calls the coaches directly. That can change on June 15, and it will be interesting to see which teams immediately reach out to establish a connection with Centerville High School star.

Cupps played on the same travel team as Bronny James (Lebron James son), the Blue Chips, and went viral on the internet when he challenged the elder James to a three-point shooting contest before one of their games.

Suffice to say he does not lack confidence in his game.

While 247 Sports has not yet began ranking 2023 basketball recruits, Cupps is already one of the most talked about players in the state. The 6-foot-2, 160-pound guard plays for his dad at Centerville and the sophomore led his team to their first ever state title.

Cupps averaged 15.2 points, 4.9 assists, and 1.7 steals per game while being the leader of the team on the floor. Growing up a coach’s kid, Cupps has been noted for his basketball IQ and his maturity and leadership at such a young age.

Despite playing with the son of perhaps the most famous basketball player on the planet, Cupps has done a great job making a name for himself playing in front of the huge crowds of fans and scouts who regularly come to watch Bronny.

Ohio State does have some talented guards coming into the program soon, with Malaki Branham beginning his college career this fall, and following Meechie Johnson’s reclassification into the 2020 recruiting class, he still holds four years of eligibility as well. The Buckeyes are also slated to bring in guards Roddy Gayle, Bruce Thornton, and Bowen Hardman all coming in 2022; that three-man class is currently ranked No. 1 in the country, according to 247 Sports.

With all of those young guards either already on campus or on their way in the next year, it is worth paying attention to see if Ohio State and Chris Holtmann pursue Cupps seriously, or if they decide to focus on bringing in big men in the 2023 class; a position that has been of great need in recent years.

We are just under a month away from the all-important June 15 when Cupps officially becomes a high school junior in the eyes of the NCAA. How quickly and intensely teams get in touch with the prospect will tell you a lot about how his recruiting could go.

Watch more from Gabe Cupps and Centerville’s run to the state title: