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Buck Off: Buckeye football’s biggest threat, Gene Smith raise, and a No. 1 draft pick

Ohio State is the odds-on-betting favorite to win the B1G we discuss why and Gene Smith’s raise opens up a ton of conversations.

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Ohio State is once again the odds-on-favorite to win the B1G and on this episode Matt and I get into it on today’s episode of Buck Off.

We also get into who the actual biggest challengers are for Ohio State’s thrown and you’ll be surprised at our answers (but not really). Everybody’s favorite athletic director got a raise, we discuss the challenges of being the AD at Ohio State and why Gene deserves the pay bump.

Lastly, we get into the Pac-12’s commissioner hire and how Kevin Warren deserves a second chance for his tough start. There is also a certain Buckeye favored to go number one overall in the 2022 NFL Draft.

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