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Be the coolest Buckeye fan at the beach this summer with this OSU floral straw hat

Rep the Bucks, protect yourself from the sun, and make all of your friends and family jealous

Did you know that summer officially started last weekend? Yep, even though some parts of the country have been sweltering for months, it is now officially summer all across the country. So, with the official change of the season, we will all be spending even more time outside, but you can’t let the heat seduce you into making bad decisions.

If you are going to go out in the sun, you need to lather on an SPF of at least 30, but there is something more fashionable that you can do as well. On those hot summer days, you can rest assured knowing you’ll look as cool as a cucumber when you’ve got this Ohio State Floral Straw Hat from FOCO.

Get your own Ohio State floral straw hat today!

This is the sizzlin’ summer style you’ve been looking for. The hat sports a sturdy straw construction with embroidered Ohio State logo, a black lace chin string, and a printed, scarlet and grey floral design under the brim to keep you looking as fresh as you feel.

Whether it’s gardening, on the golf course, at your kid’s baseball or softball game, on vacation at the beach, or just sipping a cool, refreshing beverage in your backyard, this is the only hat that Buckeye fans should be sporting this summer.

I mean, check out the underside of this hat! How can you not order one ASAP?

Check out all of FOCO’s Ohio State merch HERE. They’ve got shirts, shoes, bobbleheads, bags, Christmas ornaments, memorabilia, and much, much more.