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Get the ‘coolest’ Father’s Day gifts for the Ohio State dad in your life

From funky shirts to comfy slippers, we got the best gifts in time for Father’s Dat!

I know that this might be a little known fact for some of you, but in the United States the Father’s Day holiday annually occurs on the third Sunday in June, and that means that this year, we will all be celebrating our dads on June 20.

So, since we’ve got just under two weeks left until the big day, we figured that we’d round up some of the most fun and funky officially licensed Ohio State products that are on sale from our friends at FOCO. From grill and Christmas-themed button up shirts to sandals, slippers, moccasins, canvas shoes, and more, they’ve got a ton of cool stuff for the Buckeye dad in your life... or for yourself, whether you have fathered any offspring or not.

All shoes are 20% off and the button-ups are up to 47% off and we’ve got their sale prices listed below. While the Ohio State stuff is awesome, if for some reason your dad has chosen to root for someone other than the Buckeyes, FOCO has licenses for tons of other schools and professional teams, and you can browse everything included in their Father’s Day sale below.

Click here for all of the Father’s Day sales items!

Button Up Shirts

Grill Pro Button Up Shirt | $40

Floral Button Up Shirt | $40

Christmas Explosion Button Up Shirt | $40

Winter Tropical Button Up Shirt | $40

Sandals, Clogs, Shoes, Slippers, More

Low Top Big Logo Canvas Shoes | $36

Foam Sport Slide | $20

Moccasin Slippers | $24

Men’s Solid Clogs | $20

Wordmark Gel Slide | $24

Gradient Wordmark Gel Slides | $24

Colorblock Big Logo Gel Slides | $24

Memory Foam Slide Slippers | $20

Camp Water Shoes | $16

Legacy Sport Slides | $20