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Unpopular Opinion: A potpourri of spicy takes about Ohio State and Columbus

As we wrap up Unpopular Opinions Week, we drop some hot takes about beloved Ohio State traditions and Columbus establishments.

Syndication: The Columbus Dispatch Adam Cairns/Columbus Dispatch via Imagn Content Services, LLC

All this week, LGHL writers will be bring you articles with their most unpopular opinions. Check out all of our Unpopular Opinions throughout the week HERE. Whether you disagree, let us know what you think in the comments below and on Twitter @Landgrant33.

Unpopular Opinions Week is coming to a close here at LGHL, so I figured what better way to finish off all the hot takes that have been flying around than do some quick hits on things associated with not only Ohio State, but Columbus as well. I figure that I’m angry enough on a daily basis so I might as well try and spread the hate around.

Crossing out the letter M during Michigan Week

This truly is one of the stupidest things that I have ever seen. I understand if you want to cross out the M in Michigan during the week leading up to The Game. But to cross out every single M on campus is incredibly juvenile. Imagine actually being tasked to go out on campus and do this. I’d probably just save myself the aggravation and walk straight into the Olentangy River.

What makes it even worse is this practice has spread to the online world. Emojis have sort of made this easier since you can put the red X in place of any M, but it still makes reading anything from anyone who does this extremely painful. Then again, anyone who does something like this probably didn’t have anything that is worth reading in the first place.

If you want to call Michigan “TTUN” or “TSUN”, then have at it. Just spare us the whole crossing out of the letter M thing. Time can be better spent on other projects that are more creative to show just how much we hate the state of Michigan.

ESPN doesn’t really hate Ohio State

Do you really think that ESPN is going to truly hate one of their biggest cash cows? The only thing that happens when Ohio State plays on ESPN or ABC is that huge television ratings are put up. It doesn’t make much business sense for the company to try and destroy what brings them the most viewers.

Now, I will admit that there has been plenty of times where ESPN has dropped hot takes about Ohio State that have raised some eyebrows — and anger levels — amongst Buckeye Nation. Honestly, all I think ESPN is doing here is trying to get Ohio State fans talking about the network. What good is it if all ESPN gets from Ohio State is some mundane, run of the mill news?

There’s a reason why shows like “First Take” and “Pardon the Interruption” are so popular; they take the littlest thing and blow it out of proportion and turn it into manufactured drama. Ohio State is an easier target just because they have so many passionate fans.

Of course some fans don’t understand this, so you’ll constantly hear claims of how they are swearing off ESPN or “only watching games” on TWWL. You still end up watching, and that’s all they care about.

College football Saturday pregame shows are terrible

NCAA Football: Michigan at Ohio State Greg Bartram-USA TODAY Sports

For a lot of people, College Football Saturdays starts when “Comin’ to your City” starts playing on ESPN. While I love spending all day Saturday watching college football, I just can’t watch the pregame shows, whether it be “College GameDay” or FOX’s “Big Noon Kickoff Pregame Show.”

The last thing I need is to spend two or three hours hearing a bunch of talking heads blather on about the slate of games with some Tom Rinaldi sob stories mixed in.

The funny thing is, how I like to spend my time on Saturdays before the noon kickoffs is what many people would find boring. So, this might be an unpopular opinion, but for me the perfect lead-in to a Saturday filled with college football is watching some European soccer, whether it be English Premier League action or some footie from the German Bundesliga.

What makes it great is the 9:30-10 a.m. ET kickoffs all wrap up by around 11:50, so I can watch about the only part of “College GameDay” I find watchable, the Lee Corso headgear picks just because they always turn into an absolute train-wreck. That’s entertaining.

The food opinions of Columbus residents are very bad

I always expect the worst when I see the results for any sort of “Best of Columbus” list. What I hate the most is seeing El Vaquero voted as the Best Mexican Restaurant in Columbus or Roosters as having the Best Wings in Columbus. Now don’t get me wrong, these places aren’t bad, but they also aren’t anywhere close to the best. They are just average.

Maybe if people ventured outside of their bubbles a little bit, they’d find that there are so many better options. Los Guachos and Cuco’s are a couple tremendous Mexican restaurants that come to mind, while the wings are great at Gallo’s, Barley’s, and Press Grill.

I know that people like to eat what they are familiar with, but sometimes with great risk comes great reward.

The Short North is not enjoyable

Ohio And Illinois Order All Bars And Restaurants To Close To Limit Spread Of Coronavirus Photo by Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images

I’m not going to say I never go to the Short North. When I do, it always reminds me of why I try to avoid it. I would imagine it’s because I’m getting old and I’m just not in the demographic for businesses in the area anymore.

It seems like every week there is some new Cameron Mitchell or Chris Corso bar or restaurant being opened down there. We didn’t need Urban Meyer’s Pint House up in Dublin, and we sure as hell don’t need Urban’s Chophouse in the Short North.

It also doesn’t help that the Short North makes it a chore to even go down there. I know that in a city the size of Columbus, parking is always going to be a problem. But it seems like the Short North makes it 10 times more difficult than anywhere else in town.

In most cases, if somebody even suggests doing something in the Short North, I’ve already lost any interest just because of the headaches it is going to cause.

What’s even worse is that it seems like the Ohio State campus area is almost modeling itself after the Short North, demolishing local businesses in favor of overpriced luxury apartments. The campus area on High Street is already pretty much unrecognizable from when I moved to Columbus in 2005, and I’m sure those in charge can’t help themselves from continuing to turn it into what the Short North is.