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Play Like a Girl Podcast: Recapping the first week of the Olympics

Plus, news from the NFL, Big 12 and NBA Africa.

20210727 Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - Aquatics Photo by Giorgio Scala/BSR Agency/Getty Images

On LGHL’s Play Like a Girl podcast, Megan and Meredith talk everything from Ohio State sports to advocacy for women in sports and all the happenings in between.

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Welcome back!! In this week’s edition of the Play Like a Girl podcast, Megan and Meredith get real into the Olympics, because they only come once every four (or in this case five…) years.

And what a start it’s been: From 17-year old Alaskan Lydia Jacoby taking gold in the 100-meter breaststroke to Katie Ledecky getting her first gold of the 2021 Olympics in the 1,500-meter free, the pool has been an early highlight for the US team.

But it’s not all fun and games (well, maybe games), as the US men’s basketball team has been struggling. And we’re also facing a serious and needed reckoning of athletes and their mental health (thanks Simone Biles, Naomi Osaka and Michael Phelps for keeping the conversation going.

As big as the Olympics are, the sports world has had even more news this week, including former President Barack Obama joining NBA Africa as a strategic partners, NFL teams reckoning with vaccinations among their players and the start of training camp for Aaron Rodgers.

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