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Buck Off Podcast: Is Quinn Ewers QB1?, RIP to the Big 12, Tathan Martell’s newest home

Quinn Ewers shook Buckeye Nation and CFB delivered some huge realignment discussions.

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I am joined by cohost Jordan Williams where we discuss the huge news dropped by the number one ranked overall recruit Quinn Ewers and we also get into a lengthy conversation about realignment.

Quinn Ewers has made waves with his potential reclassification and the conversation doesn’t stop there. We discuss the impact NIL will have on high school seniors, how local legislation could impact decisions, and if this is the first case of many in the new world of college football.

We then get into a discussion about Texas and Oklahoma officially announcing their intentions to join the SEC. The conversation goes into detail about the ramifications and the next moves for Ohio State, the B1G, and the rest of the country. We also discuss potential new members of the B1G and why so many people don’t understand the importance of the B1G’s requirements for entry.

Lastly, we get into Ohio State’s top-5 CBs since 2005 and we discuss Tate Martell in the best for last segment.

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