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Brian Hartline is the top recruiter in the nation, rumors swirling for top defensive end trending towards OSU

The recruiting momentum for the Buckeyes continues to go at a stellar rate

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Even if July doesn’t see any more recruiting news for Ohio State, it’s still been an incredible week for the Buckeyes and this coaching staff. After landing the crown jewel and the final piece of the 2021 class in J.T. Tuimoloau earlier this week and then hours later landing another big time four-star recruit in 2022 with the commitment of receiver Kojo Antwi, only a few days into this dead period the Buckeyes were seeing huge results of an epic month of June.

The best part of this last week is knowing that they still aren’t even close to done yet, with more possible good news that could come sometime this month. Sure, this 2022 class is likely just over half way full to this point, but the lasting effects of June could again show up big time in the weeks to come. It’s been said numerous times, but what this staff continues to do on the trail regardless of position is truly incredible.

Hartline continues to do everything right

Currently, Ohio State receivers coach Brian Hartline ranks as the top recruiter in the nation per 247Sports. Just this week, Hartline added notch on his belt when four-star receiver Kojo Antwi committed to the Buckeyes. Four receivers in this class now and all filled up, let’s take an in depth look at what Hartline has done for this 2022 class and beyond.

This will be review for most, but starting at the top, the first receiver to come on board for the Buckeyes in this 2022 class was Caleb Burton. The Texas native is the highest-ranked receiver in the 2022 class per 247Sports’ grades and just another player the Buckeyes have plucked from the state of Texas to keep the pipeline alive and well. Certainly the development and impact fellow Texan Garrett Wilson has had for the Buckeyes has helped bring Burton into the fold too, especially when you take into consideration the two have spent time training together when Garrett is back home.

Moving on to the second receiver to commit in the 2022 class, Arizona native Kyion Grayes was at one time committed to his home state school, Arizona. However, Coach Hartline had an eye on Grayes for some time, and though he was definitely an under the radar three-star recruit early on, it was the Buckeyes through Hartline that made Grayes feel how much of a priority he was to Ohio State, and in return what he would get in terms of development and beyond if he chose the Buckeyes in the end.

Grayes rescinded his pledge to Arizona, and after a self-guided tour to Columbus, he committed to Ohio State. Upgraded to a four-star since his commitment, Grayes is now the 14th-best receiver in the class and continues to see his stock rise. Just last week at The Opening, he was listed by many in attendance as a top performer at the event. This just goes to show that Hartline has the eyes not only for the top-ranked kids, but can see the under the radar kids as well. A tip of the cap to Hartline for this one.

Onto the third member of the receiver haul. This one is fun because it spurns that team up north and that’s all you could ask for. Illinois product Kaleb Brown committed to the Buckeyes just over a month ago and gave Ohio State yet another top player at the position. The seventh-best receiver in the class, Brown was at one time thought to be a heavy lean for Michigan, but this recruitment shows how Hartline can go in even if it’s somewhat later than others have and still spurn a rival and land a top player in the nation.

Last and certainly not least, the final member of this receiver haul for the 2022 class and the most recent is four-star Kojo Antwi. Sure, being the eighth-best receiver in the class is all you’d need to know, but what makes this recruitment so special is that Antwi at one time had eliminated the Buckeyes, but it’s Hartline that came back and gave him every reason he’d ever need to see why Ohio State was the best place for him and his future.

So why mention all these guys when most already know who they are? To show that regardless of the player or situation, Hartline continues to do no wrong. He brings in the top -ranked national player, he can find the diamond in the rough, can beat a bitter rival head-to-head when it counts, and even can pull another top national player when the room has literally four of the top 15 receivers in the country for the same class and three of those being top 10 players at the position nationally. In other words, Brian Hartline is quickly becoming the GOAT.

Quick Hits

  • If you’re into the message boards and that sort of thing, then this is perfect for you. On Wednesday, Rusty Mansell, the Georgia insider for 247Sports, shed a little light on some rumors starting to swirl around the nation’s second-ranked edge rusher, Enai White. The 39th-best player nationally per the composite rankings has offers from everyone, but many times it’s been Georgia and Alabama that have been the closest linked schools when it comes to guessing who is the leader in this recruitment.

However, after his Ohio State visit, it seems like the Buckeyes — thanks again of course to Larry Johnson — really do have a shot at this one, to the point where Director of Recruiting for 247Sports Steve Wiltfong came out and said that the Buckeyes have slipped into the top group and may even have an inside track for White now.

Taking this with everything else into consideration, Mansell may have helped clear up some more info on this deal when he said on the boards said himself that if he were to submit a Crystal Ball at this time for White, he would do so in favor of Ohio State and that he thinks at this time White doesn’t end up in Athens for Georgia.

Obviously this would be massive for Ohio State, and just another next in line candidate to back the notion of Larry Johnson being the best in the business at his job. Without a defensive lineman in the class so far for the Buckeyes, Enai would be welcomed with open arms and would be a perfect addition to keeping this class atop of the national rankings.