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Buck Off Podcast: Ohio State’s insane O-line, the linebacker situation, CJ Stroud is QB1

Ohio State has shifted around the OL looking at the big picture, a new linebacker sparks conversation, and CJ Stroud

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I am joined by cohost Jordan Williams we start the show with one of our pre-show conversations expressing our deep pain and disappointment in one of our favorite media outlets.

This weeks show gets into the OL news and the idea of playing the best five offensive linemen. Jordan and I agree this is the way it should be every year, and although it seems like four positions are locked up the battles will continue long into the season with the 2-deep.

Then the conversation surrounding the Linebacker room, Steele Chambers’ position change, and why the room seems like the must understated major question heading in to 2021. We breakdown what the offseason moves mean for the room and why it could be a cause for concern.

We finally get into the winner of the QB battle (recorded Wednesday night) and we also discuss the meaninglessness of preseason polls.

Lastly, we get into Ohio State’s top-5 SAFs since 2005 and this list was absolutely loaded.

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