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Buck Off Podcast: QB battle with Quinn Ewers, group licensing, Kansas to the B1G?

Quinn Ewers is not here yet, but we’re talking about his impact on the QB battle and the huge group licensing deal for Ohio State.

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On today’s episode of “Buck Off with Christopher Renne,” I am joined by cohost Jordan Williams we get into some new topics regarding NIL and the outlook on the QB battle with camp starting.

Jordan wrote an article this week that led to our discussion on the QB position and how the future outlook has not changed much with Quinn Ewers’ decision. We both believe our initial picks to start will take the reigns this year and the real battle will start in 2022 or beyond.

We also get into a lengthy discussion surrounding the new group licensing deal Ohio State has made to give their athletes full freedom to use the branding in approved deals. This is a huge opportunity for everyone involved and we get into the details on why.

Before expansion happens there will be a lot of rumors. This week was Kansas and we really don’t understand the vitriol. We explain that the B1G can do anything and will be better off which includes doing nothing.

Lastly, we get into Ohio State’s top-5 WRs since 2005 and this list was absolutely loaded.

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