Ohio State massive favorites against Oregon

Ohio State is looking to win a National Championship. Oregon is just a block in the road on the way to Alabama. That may seem harsh, but if they can't win this game then they have no shot at dethroning the kings.

That's why it's a good thing that the perception is that this game s a mismatch.


Heading into Saturday's game Ohio State is favored by 14.5 points. This is a little surprising. Both teams under performed in Week 1, but found ways to win. Oregon is #12 in the country and Ohio State is #3. One would imagine that would get oddsmakers to see this as a closer game. That just isn't the case.

Even when looking at the moneyline. Ohio State is -651 to win the game. That's an implied 86.7% chance of victory. Compare that to Oregon's +500, or 16.7% implied chance of victory.

Matchup History

Yeah, Ohio State has dominated Oregon in the few times these teams have met. The two teams have played 9 times and Ohio State has won all 9 of those games.

In fact, Ohio State has won the last 8 meetings between these two teams by at least 2 scores. The last time these two teams played a one score game you have to go all the way back to 1958.


Ohio State should win this game. Are they going to dominate Oregon? It's hard to say. They have the talent to dominate this game, but if they play like they did against Minnesota then this game is going to be a lot close than Ohio State wants.

They're going to need Quinn Ewers to step up and show off why he's their starting QB this year.

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