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I-70 Football Podcast: What would the Big Ten look like without divisions?

In a solo episode, Jordan discusses what the Big Ten would look like if there realignment discussions become reality.

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: JAN 01 Rose Bowl Game - Ohio State v Utah Photo by John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to a new episode of Land-Grant Holy Land’s I-70 podcast. On this show we talk all things Big Ten football and basketball. After every week of action, we will get you caught up on all the conference’s games and look ahead at the matchups, storylines, and players that you should be paying attention to in the next week. My name is Jordan Williams, and I am joined by my co-host Dante Morgan.

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In the second ever solo episode, Jordan gets into what the Big Ten could look like without divisions. In what will be a major offseason for the Big Ten, which includes a new media deal and expanded playoff negotiations, there is now reportedly discussions about eliminating the conference’s current divisional structure. Since 2014, the Big Ten has been split into two seven-team divisions based on geography. With an expanded College Football Playoff on the horizon the conference is gearing up to do the smart thing by getting rid of their lopsided divisions.

In this episode, Jordan gets into why the Big Ten should remove divisions and how they could do it in a way that makes the most sense. He also walks through his ideal pairings for protected rivalries and what trophy games should continue in the new set up.

In his weekly pit stop, Jordan takes a moment to recognize the greatness of Joe Burrow, better known as #OSUJoe. In his second year in the NFL, the Ohio State alum has led the Cincinnati Bengal to the Super Bowl; this is, of course, after leading LSU to the college football national championship in his second season in Baton Rouge as well. Burrow brings talent, confidence, and energy with him wherever he goes, and is turning around the Bungles right before our eyes.

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