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Scientifically ranking all seven of Ohio State’s touchdowns against Michigan State

We are using a scientific set of rules to systematically rank all of OSU’s touchdowns by degree of difficulty, athleticism, entertainment value, and anything else we want to judge them by.

Ohio State v Michigan State Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

There were a lot of touchdowns scored by the Buckeyes against the Michigan State Spartans, seven of them to be exact. So, since we live in a listicle world, we are breaking them down, scientifically, of course.

And since this is my column, I reserve the right to change my judging criteria week to week, heck, even touchdown to touchdown. In some cases, I will judge a play by its importance in the grand scheme of the game, others will be by the degree of difficulty, backstory, and sheer entertainment value.

If you disagree with my ranking (which my six+ years here at LGHL tells me you absolutely will), feel free to share your list in the comments below.

Ok, now, without further ado, drumroll, please.........

Seventh Place: Touchdown No. 4
TreVeyon Henderson 1-Yard Run

Trey, I love you my guy, and I am very happy to see you back on the field and look forward to even more TDs from you the rest of this season, but have you seen the scores on the list today? I do give you bonus points because I was happy to have you back in the game, but, beyond some practically perfect blocking, there’s not much to wrack up points with here.

7th Place: TreVeyon Henderson 1-Yard Run

Score High Marks Deductions
Score High Marks Deductions
5.79 Henderson back and scoring TDs, great blocking It's a one-yard TD run against a bad defense in which the RB was untouched.

Sixth Place: Touchdown No. 2
Emeka Egbuka 69-Yard Reception from C.J. Stroud

I’ve got one word, and one word only about this touchdown: Nice!

6th Place: Emeka Egbuka 69-Yard Reception

Score High Marks Deductions
Score High Marks Deductions
6.69 Nice route, nice throw, nice speed MSU had the 115th-ranked passing defense coming into this game, and it showed

Fifth Place: Touchdown No. 3
Julian Fleming 51-Yard Reception from C.J. Stroud

A very nice catch and run by Fleming here. You can see he does a great job of creating separation from his defender once he makes the break in his route, and he shows some strength as he powers through a would-be tackler to get into the end zone. Stroud maybe put the ball a half stride behind what would have been ideal to allow Fleming to catch it at top speed, but that’s honestly just nit-picking at this point.

5th Place: Julian Fleming 51-Yard Reception

Score High Marks Deductions
Score High Marks Deductions
6.78 Good separation coming out of his break, nice strength to avoid late tackle MSU defense was just out-classed

Fourth Place: Touchdown No. 1
Marvin Harrison Jr. 19-Yard Reception from C.J. Stroud

This is a very nice catch at the goal line from Marv, but when it comes to TDs that involved the sophomore phenom Mossing a defender, there’s an even better one coming up later in the list, so this one has to take a step back. He does get credit though for fighting through a defensive pass interference to corral the ball and get the score.

4th Place: Marvin Harrison Jr. 19-Yard Reception

Score High Marks Deductions
Score High Marks Deductions
7.51 Mossed him, fought through DPI Better version coming up

Third Place: Touchdown No. 7
Gee Scott Jr. 2-Yard Reception from C.J. Stroud

Look, if you aren’t excited for Gee Scott Jr. to finally score his first collegiate touchdown, then I don’t know what to say to you. He came in as a highly touted wide receiver prospect and realized that he was having trouble getting to a WR-like weight, so he decide to undertake the long and arduous process to transform himself into a tight end.

I think that he and his position coach Kevin Wilson will tell you that his journey to becoming a fully-formed TE is not yet complete, but to see him finally get in the end zone was special; you can tell how excited his teammates were for him after the score as well.

Both Scott and Stroud’s ability to keep the play alive was also worthy of some extra points, so this isn’t rated so high on sentimentality alone.

3rd Place: Gee Scott Jr. 2-Yard Reception

Score High Marks Deductions
Score High Marks Deductions
7.52 Great to see Gee get his first score, good play-extension by Stroud Too many weapons for MSU to keep up with

Second Place: Touchdown No. 5
Marvin Harrison Jr. 28-Yard Reception from C.J. Stroud

Not gonna lie, Herbie helps this one out as before Stroud even releases the ball, he sees what’s coming and lets out an “Uh oh.” I know folks love to knock Kirk, but I really think that he has shown a bit more of his scarlet and gray soul this season. Whether it is because his son is now on the team, or this could be his final season calling Buckeye games, I feel like he’s working less hard to hide his inherent homerism than he ever has before, and honestly, I love it.

Also, this is a pretty impressive effort from Harrison to essentially beat four different Spartan defenders to the end zone.

2nd Place: Marvin Harrison Jr. 28-Yard Reception

Score High Marks Deductions
Score High Marks Deductions
7.92 Herbie's pre-throw "Uh oh," Marv simply cannot be covered MSU looks like keystone cops on this play

First Place: Touchdown No. 6
Marvin Harrison Jr. 19-Yard Reception from C.J. Stroud

I mean... do I really even need to explain this one?

1st Place: Marvin Harrison Jr. 19-Yard Reception

Score High Marks Deductions
Score High Marks Deductions
9.26 How is this actually possible? Stroud delivering ball without being able to step up Underthrown by Stroud. Fowler's completely befuddled call.